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Study Mandarin Chinese Characters

We also get confused that if we need to study Chinese characters. Many Chinese teachers said it is necessary to study Chinese characters, otherwise, students will fall behind for you cannot recognize the Chinese characters as soon as other students. The students who come from Japan, Korean and so on, are very good at studying Chinese characters. And they also could take the advantage in taking Chinese tests like HSK.85% of foreign students give their feedback that the most important thing in learning Chinese is writing Chinese characters. So lots o f students refuse to learn it. However, majority of students are keen on it, too. It is really a hot issue. Now we Keats School venture to show our opinion.

In the primary phase, it is good to introduce some simple Chinese characters to cultivate a taste of writing according to students’ fondness. Then, we will in accordance with students’ goal of study to stratify and teach: The students who study Chinese mainly relying on their hobbies focus on speaking; students will be encouraged to learn writing if they are going to study Chinese for the long-term development or have exam.

Listening and speaking are more import than anything else for the students who study Chinese because of fondness in primary phase. If they are able to realize and speak, it will benefit for their travel and communication in China. Therefore it is not necessary for them to learn writing Chinese characters forcefully. Otherwise it is enough to encourage them to realize, speak and use Chinese characters to feed into computer. Also some students esp from Europe hold an idea that people will get used to type rather than writing, so they refused to practice Chinese characters.

However, with the development of learning, it is the inexorable trend of writing Chinese characters. Learning will be affected to a great extent in the intermediate and senior phase. A large number of students learning Chinese in our school are reluctant to learning writing Chinese characters. In their opinion, it is not necessary for them to learn it. Yet problems arise when they enroll into intermediate and senior class. Although teachers do not mind that they write with alphabet of Chinese, it impacts on reading speed, distinguishing and understanding vocabulary. They may meet with more serious problems in the HSK exam. Unfortunately, these problems may influence their study. Wish every student who study Chinese would accept this fact and spend time to study Chinese characters.

Indeed learning Chinese characters is much more important in learning Chinese. In addition, teachers in Keats School can use different interesting method to help students to remember the Chinese words. Since we always hold the opinion that Chinese characters are one of the cores of Chinese culture, we hope students can learn Chinese characters in joy.

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