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Students Like Diverse Chinese Practices

From the perspective of the forms of the practice, most of the foreign students who learn Mandarin like the lively and diverse practicing ways. If teachers always apply the same methods to practice all kinds of language points, the students are easy to get bored. In some books, they emphasize that the types of exercises are close to those of certain national level tests. But when you help students to learn Mandarin, you should know it is unnecessary to obey the exercise types because the purposes and requirements of tests and practice are different.

The purpose of practice is to consolidate the contents have learned so that the students can be proficient. However, foreigners who study Mandarin in China all know test is for checking the knowledge and ability. In order to consolidate the learned knowledge, the practice should be as diverse as possible. But the test should be standardized. When students learn Mandarin, the practice is processed under the instruction of the teachers. We should try to motivate learners’ initiative and creativity by practicing with diverse forms of exercises.

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