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Some Suggestions for the Promotion of Mandarin Language Program in Kazakhstan

In order to attract more students of Kazakhstan to learn Mandarin in China, Chinese government should promote the Mandarin language program in Kazakhstan more efficiently.

In July, 2005, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev visited China and met President Hu Jintao. Both of the two sides suggested to enhancing the education cooperation between China and Kazakhstan and sending more students to learn Mandarin in China. To implement the suggestion of the two leaders and promote the development of the Mandarin language program, Chinese National Hanban opened two Confucius Institutes in Kazakhstan successively. One is in Kazakhstan National University in Alma-Ata the south of Kazakhstan and the other one is in European and Asian University in Astana the north of Kazakhstan. These two Confucius Institutes have become the leaders of promoting Mandarin language program in Kazakhstan. According to the one-year observation and survey during working in Confucius Institute, the author has some suggestions of promoting Mandarin language program:

We should make training plan according to the situation of Kazakhstan for students and attract them to take part in the Mandarin language program in China. Nowadays, rich families in Kazakhstan prefer to send children to be educated abroad. As the neighbor country, China is the first choice of studying abroad for these families, for the tuition is low and the convenience of going back home. We can make full use of this feature and expand the amount of recruiting students of Kazakhstan by making more advertisement, holding education exhibitions so that Kazakh people can learn more about China.

We should strengthen the training of Chinese teachers of Kazakhstan. The current training courses held by the Chinese teacher training class jointly with Chinese National Hanban in Middle Asian Area will send some local teachers to China to be trained. But this form is limited both in financial resources and material capabilities. The author suggests to cultivating more teachers of Mandarin language program in an easier and efficient way.

Firstly, establish special funds in Sinkiang for holding Chinese teacher training class for Chinese Kazakh people; reward authorized certifications; give auxiliary teaching textbooks as gifts and provide teaching resources. Once the trained Kazakh teachers migrate to Kazakhstan, they can live on teaching Mandarin language program and start Chinese teaching efficiently and regularly so that they can be the hard core of Mandarin language program in Kazakhstan.

Secondly, hold teacher training class for Mandarin language program in Kazakhstan; invite experienced teachers to give lectures from China based on Confucius Institutes; train Chinese teachers in rotation according to plans and introduce Chinese teaching resources for them to guide them to use Chinese teaching materials published by China. This is good for the promotion of Chinese textbooks, teaching modes and Mandarin language program in Kazakhstan, as well as the knowledge connection for students of Kazakhstan to learn Mandarin in China.

Thirdly, make a certain preferential policy to attract Chinese teachers who are teaching in Kazakhstan universities to improve Chinese in China.

In addition to the establishment of teacher teams, Chinese textbooks published by China should be promoted. The author hopes that Chinese publishing houses can differentiate market and publish Chinese textbooks nichetargetingly so that Chinese textbooks can be promoted to every country and beat pirating phenomenon. The cooperation between all kinds of language training schools should be enhanced. There is a variety of language training schools. Chinese is one of the training languages. This kind of commercial language training school has wide range of recruit students and great influence. We should pay attention to the importance of these language training schools and build good cooperative relations. The influence of China will be expanded.

Now Chinese is quite popular in Kazakhstan. How to make the situation better is the mission and responsibility of Chinese international promoters. In the future work, China and Kazakhstan should work together to realize the goal.

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