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Situation of International Chinese Language Course Teaching

The fast development of international Chinese teaching and the fast pace of internationalization of Chinese language provide great possibility for the establishment of international Chinese education discipline. The population of learning Chinese is relevantly increased, especially people who come to learn Chinese in China. This brings scarce opportunity for the development of theory and practice of international Chinese language courses and possibility of the establishment of international Chinese education discipline.

Without the great development and new development of education practice, the necessity of the establishment of discipline will be adequate, as well as the possibility of the development of Chinese language courses. The increasing speed of internationalization of Chinese language courses provides necessary conditions for the establishment and formation of international Chinese education discipline.

Generally speaking, the teaching conceptions, teaching principle, teaching theories, teaching models and teaching approaches all come from the conclusion and refining for teaching practice, come from the cognition and summary for teaching practice and come from all kinds of theoretical supposes, theoretical principles and theoretical models raised according to all kinds of new situation and new questions. In a manner of speaking, without the development and the demands of teaching practice, there will not be the necessity and possibility of the formation of Chinese language courses teaching; on the contrary, the diversification, complication and thoroughness of Chinese language courses must require for the support of diversified, practical and systemic teaching theories.

Nowadays, the Chinese language courses have been rich and colorful, including different nationalities and areas, different mother tongues and cultural backgrounds, different education traditions and study means, different study purposes and demands, different teaching subjects and levels, which all provide many new tasks for international Chinese teaching.

New and old questions in the teaching of Chinese language courses like how to deal with the relation between Chinese language and Chinese character teaching in Chinese teaching, how to deal with the relation between Chinese character teaching and acquisition law, the function of pinyin in Chinese teaching or how to develop and make full use of pinyin teaching in Chinese language courses further, the establishment of the general criteria and individualized criteria of Chinese language teaching, the orientation and choice for Chinese cultural contents, the interaction of Chinese culture and foreign culture, the structure of conceptions, strategies and modes of Chinese language teaching in non-native language environment, the Chinese orientation and localization orientation of textbook contents provide not only more challenges for us, but also broad research subjects of structuring international Chinese education discipline in the new situation, as well as rich materials of structuring discipline systems.

In summary, the all-round development of Chinese language course teaching and old questions brought by this, new situations met and new questions happen in new situation not only bring new challenges for the theoretical research of teaching Chinese as second language, but also provide possibility for the development of international Chinese education discipline.

The precious results and rich experience accumulated in the establishment of Chinese education discipline for dozens of years provide stable foundation for the development of Chinese language courses. In recent thirty years, Chinese language teaching has gained great achievement in each field. We can infer this result from the increasing population of learning Chinese in China.

Of course, we should also know that researchers for international Chinese teaching are not too much; the purpose of establishing international Chinese education discipline is not clear enough; the intention of integrating resources is not that outstanding and the system of cooperative research between domestic and abroad is not complete. But these phenomena are caused by the limitation of ages and we can’t avoid them. Chinese fever is only the issue happens in recent several years. Therefore, the previous achievements are worth cherishing and concluding in any case. We should pick the good parts from the current achievements and further explore new subjects to make the development better.

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