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Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra in the Topkap Palace of Turkey

Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra held special concert in the Topkap Palace in Istanbul of Turkey. 110 persons were performing an excellent play in the palace. As one of the main contents of the 2012 Turkey & China Cultural Year, the concert by the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra was the finale of the closing ceremony of the 40th Istanbul International Music Festival. Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra was invited by the Culture and Tourism Department of Turkey and the Istanbul International Music Festival. Vice-governor of the Istanbul, general manager of the Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation, chairman of Twin Foundation of Turkey and China, vice consul general of the Chinese consulate general in Istanbul, director general of the Shenzhen Travel Bureau, cultural counselor of Ambassador to Turkey and commercial counselor were present at the spot.

The concert attracted many audiences from the public. The number of the audiences was more than six hundred. Many foreigners said the performance was excellent and the performance by the Chinese people was impressive. They said they had been to China and all felt the Chinese art was different from theirs. This experience of the concert made them feel the splendor of the Chinese art. Some said they were mostly impressed by the Beijing operas when they took part in the summer program in China. They said the Chinese culture fascinated them. They hoped they could go there once more.

Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1982 and was one of the most excellent symphony orchestras in China. Christian Ehwald, the music executive producer and Germany Hochschule Fure Musik professor was in charge of the director of the concert. The Topkap Palace in Istanbul was the main performance and exhibition area where witnessed many world-famous symphony orchestra, special concerts of famous musicians and the main exhibition field of the Istanbul International Biennale.

On the day of the performance, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra presented a play of piano concerto. The excellent performance impressed every person present at the concert and people applauded to the players. The foreign audience said that the concert gave them a chance to get to know the Chinese symphony orchestra. They even expressed the urge to study in China and enhance the communication with China. The concert built a bridge with Turkey to exchange culture and art. 

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