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Remove Windshield Wiper-liked Teaching Method in Chinese Teaching

In France, Mr. Bai Lesang, the general educational inspector of the Chinese teaching in France has held the 2011 France Chinese teaching seminar in Normandy. In the seminar, he proposed a special opinion about the Chinese teaching in France according to the situations of Chinese teaching as a foreign language. He thought teachers should get rid of the windshield wiper-liked teaching method when teachers teach Mandarin language.

For those who come to learn Chinese in China should know more about it. The so called “windshield wiper-liked teaching method” is a kind of teaching that focus on teachers’ translation. When using this method to teach Chinese, thea teachers seem translate the language between Chinese and French. It is just like the shaking windshield wiper.

However, the most important thing is how to get rid of it. Mr. Bai holds his own idea. He thinks when teaching Chinese language in France, the general context is not China. Therefore, it is impossible for those who learn Mandarin always get involved in the Chinese language. Then, teachers should use Chinese language as much as possible in classroom teaching.

In order to make sure students form the habit of keeping speaking Chinese language in class, teachers should help them build up this habit and notion since the very beginning class. In addition, they can also help the foreigners study Chinese by drawing pictures, playing film slides and using body language to establish the Chinese language atmosphere.

At present, many people come to study in China. The total number of people who start studying Chinese is more than 40 million all around the world. Since they are from different countries, the learners have different characteristics because of various ages and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, if we want to teach them better, we should think more and know more about the specific conditions.

Of course, teachers should teach foreign learners according to their features. However, there are so many different kinds of situations. Therefore, the solutions for solving the problems are diverse. Every teacher in Mandarin learning courses should know clearly about their students and help them overcome the difficulty faced in Chinese learning.

There are two types of laws exist in language education, namely, the universal law and particular law. The Chinese language teaches should master the general law and do further research on the special law. After that, they will find out the effective methods to solve the problems faced in teaching process. If teachers can master the regular pattern of the students when they learn Chinese language, they can apply proper teaching techniques accordingly to teaching so that help students learn effectively.

Nowadays, many overseas Chinese language teaching institutions are sparing no effect to try the beneficial way to help learners learn to speak Chinese. For some examples, Danhua cultural education center teach learners recognize the Chinese characters by reciting “Chinese Character Canon”. They first apply this method to particular class to see whether it works or not. When it is effective, it will be promoted to all classroom teaching.

In addition, some Chinese language schools in the United States are processing the trail of information on the Chinese Pinyin teaching. We can see that many countries in the world attach more importance to the Chinese teaching. We all know that the numbers of students who are learning Mandarin Chinese is increasing, but we are lack of relevant effective teaching materials and teaching methods, which greatly restrict the promotion of Chinese language to the whole world.

However, at the same time, we also can see that more and more people devoted themselves to the Chinese language teaching. In the near future, all kinds of new teaching thoughts and methods will appear. If the overseas Chinese language teachers dare to explore and create new methods and summarize the teaching experience, we should believe that much progress will finally be achieved in qualified Mandarin program.

In brief, in order to get rid of the windshield wiper-styled teaching methods, teachers have many things to do for the purpose of exploring new methods to teach according to learners’ characteristics. But we believe it will be realized soon.

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