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Relations between Grammar and Vocabulary Teaching

The features of Chinese grammar are the summarization and the abstract quality. Usually speaking, if the summarization can be used in the teaching process to help students draw get inferences about other cases from one instance, it will reach the goal of the high efficiency in language teaching. For example, the adjective predicate sentence is an important teaching program in the primary teaching, with the main contents of emphasizing 是is not allowed to added before it when the adjectives function as predicate. This regularity is simple and easy to understand and also very convenient to remember.

It efficiency seems really high as long as teaching this rule to the students. However, it seems more difficult to form a kind of learning habit. Even though the learners who study Mandarin Chinese learn this rule, they usually say the sentences like 她是漂亮As soon as they open the mouth to speak Chinese. As a matter of fact, in the teaching process, we need to begin with the application of a series of specific adjectives if we want to obey the principle of practicability. When teachers teach the word漂亮, they need to explain clear that we can just say 她很漂亮but not他是很漂亮.

It is easy for foreign students to naturally classify the words such as 漂亮、高兴、干净 and便宜as the same classification. The children acquire the mother tongue though this method but the adult have stronger recognition ability so they are better at using this method. Of course, there are also some exceptions, in which the assumption should be adjusted. You may think the students will not make mistake like 她是漂亮if we mark the words like 漂亮and高兴as the state verbs. But the fact has proved that the result of it is not obvious.

For a long time, people believed the teaching point in primary state is grammar while that of the intermediate level is vocabulary. But teachers in HSK Preparation Program in China might tell you that the opposite viewpoint was proposed by some scholars in recent years that much importance should not be paid to grammar teaching in the elementary stage. To teach the grammar with the style of vocabulary teaching is a kind of important grammar teaching strategy.

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