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Practicing Methods of Complementing in Chinese Learning

After learning the new language points, students need to take some measures to practice so that to consolidate the knowledge acquired. Among so many ways of practicing, the method of complementing is widely used in Chinese language books. Usually, the places of the words need to be complemented are uncertain. The complementing could be the sentence level and the discourse level.

Let’s take some examples, several sentences such as 我是留学生, 他常常生病, 我昨天买一本词典and他现在不在家,他去朋友家 are given and the students are supposed to judge which sentence need to add 了and then add it to the proper place. These sentences above often exampled in Mandarin language courses in China belong to the practice of sentence level. However, you may find it is actually difficult to say some of them need 了or not because those sentences are separated from certain contexts.

Therefore, if the practice is put into the discourse level for students finish, it would be more helpful for students to understand the textual function and communicative value of the grammar patterns. For example, 昨天早上我去图书馆借书,我一进去就找书,找到(了)要借的书,我就来到柜台.

Another practice beneficial to improve the language skill is correction, that is, to correct the sentences with mistakes, for instance, 他学习汉语在北京, which is often spoke wrongly by the foreign students who attend to Chinese school to study in China. At the beginning period, the students are lack of full perceptual knowledge to the correct grammar patterns. Therefore, this practice method should be cautiously used for the beginners.

The last but not least method will be discussed is expansion, meaning to add some elements on the basis of the simple sentence. Since such kind of practice is relatively flexible in contents and answers, it is really useful when learning the grammar points such as attribute, adverbial modifier and complement. For example, the sentence 这是他的朋友can be expanded into这是他的美国朋友and gradually 这是他新认识的美国朋友and so on. It helps students understand how the sentences become complicated.

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