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Practice Chinese with Grammar Explanation

In order to practice effectively, the practicing process should be in accordance with the grammar explanation. In the period when students learn Mandarin, teachers explain accurately about the sentence pattern, sentence meaning and language application. But it is not enough because much practice is needed to learn Mandarin. It is obvious that the practice should indicate the explanation teachers made to consolidate the understanding and mastering. Therefore, we need to keep the contents and forms of practice with the corresponding explanation and reflect the difficult and important points.

For instance, the following exercise 甲:那是刘易斯在跑吗?乙:对,你看,他跑得 ! By learning Chinese Mandarin in this way, the grammatical explanation and practice are highly corresponding. Then, the grammar practice can reflect and strengthen the points in the explanation, thus helping the foreign students who learn Mandarin to understand the points better and form an impressive image. When designing the communicative practice, the setting of the context is very important. The failure in context design will mislead the students.

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