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On How to Become An Excellent Teacher From The Aspect of Students’ Appraisement

“Princeton in Beijing” is a teaching project cooperatively held by Princeton University USA and Beijing Normal University for enhancing Chinese language skills in Summer in China. It aims to improve students’ Chinese level in every aspect through reinforcing teaching in the two months. At the middle and the end of the summer Chinese courses, there will be an appraisement of the students to their Chinese teachers, which includes 7 parts and the first six of them are the related knowledge of teaching contents, the ability of leading students to be involved, correcting, enthusiasm, one-to-one talking and general comments. These six parts only need students to give corresponding scores, in which the sore of the general comments directly determines the satisfaction of students to the teacher. In addition to this, another part, “the appraisement”, asks the students to give some appraisements on their teachers’ teaching performance. From the appraisements of students of the 2005 “Princeton in Beijing” summer course, it can be found that although students give appraisement to their teachers actively, the appraisement of students in fifth grade is noticeable for no matter its length and its content. The feature of the Grade 5 students’ Chinese level and their teaching content determine that the students will have higher requirement for their teachers. What kind of teacher will meet the students in fifth Grade better? We will find the answer by analyzing the concrete appraisement of Grade 5 students for 3 of their teachers.

Two of the 3 teachers got higher scores of the general comment, which is close to full mark. The common feature of the two teachers is that both of them have rich teaching experience in Chinese school in China. No matter their teaching skills and styles or their interaction with students are liked by their students.

For the teachers’ glamour and characteristics, students gave the comment of enthusiasm, patience, kind-heart, being friendly to the students, humor, interesting persons, and understanding students and so on. If someone says that many comments like these also appear in the appraisement of other grades’ students in “Princeton in Beijing”, but the learned knowledge of the teachers mentioned by one or more students are especially from the Grade 5, from which we can see the attention of students on the teacher’s knowledge structure. As for the comments of teacher’s knowledge structure, when the students are confirming the teacher’s explanation of Chinese meaning, their comment is “she likes to tell us the background of the Chinese characters and their original meaning, I am very grateful for this, for it can help me to remember these Chinese characters better”, and, “she really has the ability to think deeply the contents we just read, but not to only pay attention to the new words and grammar”; this kind of teachers mostly have very thorough understanding for the related content of teaching materials and they are good at having proper development during teaching process; “no matter when there are some problems on the usage of some special words, the teacher can give us the best answers”, if a student read an article he can’t understand completely, he would like to ask his teacher, “because the teacher will let us know all kinds of interesting things that related to this article in the following two hours, and we can learn these things without noticing how the teacher leads us.”If you want to know more about zhong wen, please continue to follow up.

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