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New Chinese Teaching Method for Students Who Want to Learn Chinese in China

Teaching method of initial consonant and compound vowel: teachers give the cards of initial consonants and compound vowels to every student who learn Chinese in China and teach them the pronunciation of the initial consonants and compound vowels on these cards. After students remember all the pronunciations, teachers call the roll by reading those letters. Students who are holding the cards with the letters read by the teacher should stand up and say “是” or “到”.

Teaching method of audio-vision: for the arrangement of subjects, teacher can teach some things that students who learn Chinese in China often use, see and hear. And these things of the pictures of these things can be brought into class. One of the students’ physiological features is focusing on specific audio-visual things. The more visual and specific the image of the thing is, the more interested the students who learn Chinese in China will be. For example, the teacher is going to teach the subject of fruit. He can bring fruit into classroom and let students to feel the real things and remember them easier. Another example, when teaching names of animals, teacher can imitate the animal’s image or cry. If teacher can let students to imitate the animal, the efficiency will be better. For example, to teach “大象、猴子、老虎、青蛙”, by imitating their funny images and producing vividly cry of these animals students will think of these animals and the Chinese words will be remembered naturally.

Teaching method of completion: this teaching method is that teacher can teach sentences who learn Chinese in China through a complete plot of a story or a scene of an activity. Teaching new words with complete sentences can help students to grasp and understand the meaning of a sentence or word completely.

Teaching method of performance: this teaching method is that teacher explains the language information which is continuously repeated in his mouth through vivid performance, in other words, “body language”. For example, when teaching the word “医生”, teacher can play the role of a doctor and see the patients which are played by students and repeat the sentence “我是医生” and ask students to perform in turn and repeat the sentences properly.

Teaching method of painting: students who learn Chinese in China have much more interest in the pictures on blackboard than writings. The requirement of asking teacher to draw all the contents that he is teaching is too high, but computer can help us to complete this now. Students can launch their association and use their imaginations according to the paintings. For example, when teaching the subject of “颜色”, we can complete many interesting games with the help of “smart board”, such as Puzzle Game and color. It is better that to act together with eyes, ears, mouth and hands.

The shortage of TPR teaching method for the students who learn Chinese in China.

TPR teaching method is suitable for children’s nature and meets the principle of happy study. It helps children to study easier, be able to study, study more and study faster and feel the happiness of learning Chinese. However, there are some shortages. Firstly, classroom teaching can’t use game teaching method entirely, or else children will be addicted in games and expect games so that study will be forgotten. Once the teacher doesn’t design games for the class, they may lose interest in study and the study efficiency will decrease. For this reason, teaching method of playing games should be added into ordinary classroom teaching alternately. After they remember and consolidate the knowledge they have learned, teacher can design some relevant games for them. Then, TPR teaching method is only available for new language learners, for its movements and words are all simple activity, which cannot be used to learn deeper contents and it must be used by being combined with other methods. In addition to this, the other thing which should be noticed is that because TPR method includes a large amount of game activity, role playing and group competition, children will dance when they feel happy. If there is no good managing patterns of classroom teaching, even the best teaching method and the richest teaching activity won’t get their expected achievement.

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