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National Museum of China Opened Officially

On March 1st in 2012, the official opening ceremony of the new museum of National Museum of China was held. There were many leaders presented at the ceremony. Some of the foreigners who have come to learn Chinese for a period of time may know Cai Wu, the minister of the Ministry of Culture and Shen Weichen, the vice minister of Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and Li Xiaojie, the director general of State Administration of Cultural Heritage as well as the deputy mayor of Beijing city.

According to the minister Cai Wu, the National Museum of China has won high and widely praise from all sectors of the community since the trial operation from March 1st of the last year. The National Museum of China with magnificent majesty, perfect facilities, large collections, sufficient talents as well as excellent service has become a cultural name card of the civilization nation with a history of 5,000 years. As the landmark symbolizing the great cultural development and prosperity of Socialist with Chinese characteristics, it is undoubtedly the pride of our China, Chinese nation and the cultural undertakings.

As the lead of China public museum, National Museum of China should further play the leading role and make efforts to set example in construction of Socialist core value, in spreading and carrying forward the excellent traditional culture in China and the whole world as well as constantly improving the ability and level in public culture service. If you study Mandarin Chinese in China, you should also know it will set example in strengthening talent training, updating academic research level and research innovation ability, thus trying to construct the national museum matches the status of China as well as the excellent and splendid Chinese culture.

At the same time, the construction of China National Museum should commensurate with the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the masses of people and consistent with the flourishing Socialism with Chinese characteristics, making it the leading museum in domestic and international museum of the first-class.

So far, the foreign students who learn to speak Chinese in China has witnessed that the National Museum of China has made great success in trail operation under the care and leader of the Ministry of Culture. After the official opening, more works should be done to constantly improve the quality and strive for the goal of constructing the leading museum of the first class.

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