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Mysterious Customs Associated with Dumpling Making

Despite the food shortages in the ancient time, Chinese people didn’t lack creativity or sense of humor. Buying a kilo of meat would be enough to feed 10-20 people and feed them until they were “stuffed”. This is because the stuffing would include vegetables, tofu and other ingredients mixed in with the meat. China’s food shortages may have been the instigation for creating the dumpling as a special type of food.

Making dumplings can also show some mysterious customs related to dumpling making. The host first asks the guest to sit and then they can start making dumplings. No two people can make dumplings exactly the same nor can one person make two identical dumplings in shape or size. Making dumplings can also reveal a person’s unique traits and personality. If you use too much stuffing and it tore open when you try to wrap it. This reveals that you may be lack of patience and extroverted nature, and your liking for meat. A very introverted person, when making dumplings, will hardly use any stuffing, and will roll the dumpling up very tightly. When you eat this sort of dumpling, it’s just like eating cooked dough.

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