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More Japanese People Learn Chinese Language

In recent years, there are many more Japanese people come to learn Chinese in China. The main reason is that China‘s gross domestic product has exceeded that of in Japan. Most Japanese people may feel unbelievable. However, they all know clearly that China is the center of world‘ economic increase. Therefore, the importance of China in the world is also improving. What’s more, the relationship between China and Japan is getting closer.

At present, many goods, capital and talents are flowing into the market of China. There is a very close relationship between the economy between China and Japan. However, from the microcosmic view, there are not so many people in Japan can speak Chinese and then understand and communicate with Chinese people. Many enterprises in Japan have realized this point. Therefore, they attach more importance to encourage people to study Chinese.

As a result, many people rush to the Chinese language institutions to learn Mandarin. Generally speaking, most of the Chinese language learners are the staffs of companies at the age from 30 to 50. Some of the learners feel the difficulty to develop their business if they don’t understand Chinese language. It shows the importance of Chinese language in Japan.

There is a famous Chinese school in Tokyo named the Chinese school of Xiashanhui East Asia College. Many Japanese people who study in China may know it. The president says that they always receive the phone calls from the enterprises asking for holding Chinese language lectures. The enterprises belong to various industries.

There were some Japanese people when to learn Chinese at school or by themselves. But the learners only regarded it as an interest or maybe they just thought it might help someday in the future. But time is changed. Many enterprises will send the staff to China for business. Therefore, they need to understand Chinese language for business negotiation.

As the gradual globalization of the Japanese enterprises, when they companies recruit new staffs, they will clearly list a specific requirement, including foreign language ability. Naturally, they take the ability of learning Mandarin Chinese into consideration as the basic standard to measure the potential of the future staffs.

Japan Business Federation ever made a survey which shows that many enterprises in Japan take working abroad as a precondition to recruit new staffs, emphasizing to be able to use foreign language to communication with foreigners. Of course, the foreigners include Chinese people. According to the survey done in the past five years, the country has the largest business investment potential is China. No wonder more people come to China to learn Chinese language.

The most important things for Japanese enterprises are the growth and large of Chinese market. They think Chinese market will continue to provide more business opportunities for Japan. Under this social environment, they need more people to learn Mandarin Chinese for future development. At the same time, we can see that the people who visit Japan are warmly welcomed. In the past, most of them were in the large market of selling appliance and department stores. But not you can see them in the ordinary markets.

At the same time, the conditions of visa for Chinese people are changing simpler. The number of Chinese tourists in Japan increased from 200 thousand in 2000 to 1.4 million in the year of 2010. This number continues to increase, so does the number of the Japanese who study in Mandarin learning courses. Nowadays, you can see many Chinese people in Japan and also many Japanese people in China.

Several years ago, the Chinese people who often went to the fashionable places were mostly from Hong Kong or Taiwan. There were not so many from Chinese mainland. In order to attract more Chinese customers, the stores take measures to help the staffs to train them to improve their language skills. As the number of the students who study Mandarin Chinese in college is increasing, it has exceeded those who learn French or German.

Since Japan‘s economic development is closely related to Chinese market, there is no doubt that more and more people start to study Chinese language. And for the Japanese people, it is an improvement and encouragement to acquire Chinese language.

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