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May Music Festival Held in National Grand Theater

In the evening of May 10th, a special music concert was held in the National Grand Theater. The mayor of Beijing city Guo Jinlong and more than 200 government staffs enjoyed a fascinating in door music concert together, opening a prelude of 21 charity performances of the May Music Festival in the National Grand Theater. Some other important leaders and officials also attended to this activity such as Ji Lin, Liu Jingmin, Hong Feng, Lu Wei, Cheng Hong and Chen Ping.

Since this music concert was held at the Beijing Municipal Government, it fully indicates that the leadership of Beijing pays much attention and support to the popularization and promotion of the high and elegant art. At the same time, many foreigners who come to study Mandarin Chinese can feel that the classic music is becoming more popular, which will directly support Beijing to promote the process of building Beijing into a world level city and further highlight the cultural influence of the capital city.

It is reported that many classical music artists and celebrities in the community will participate in the activity in the near future days. In the National Grand Theater, 14 fantastic indoor music concerts will be held continuously in the period of the May Music Festival. Except for the high quality indoor performances, this session of May Music Festival also especially designs to make the chamber music put of the theater into schools, museums, communities and enterprises, holding 21 public performances.

The famous musicians such as Wang Jian, Chen Sa, Li Biao and Ning Fengas well as the outstanding chamber music groups at home and abroad like the National Grand Theater Orchestra Quarter and Royal Stelladiwally Violin Quartet will not only appear in the concerts of May Music Festival, but will also present public performances for free for the citizens in Beijing after the music festival. At that time, Bai Yansong, Yu Dan and Liuy Fangfei will serve as the hosts of this public performance voluntarily to interact with the audiences.

Therefore, if you are interested in the music concert when you volunteer in China, you can go for the concerts for free. When mentioning the design of this music festival, the president of the theater said “art changes life” is the concept has been keeping for so long and hoped to promote the chamber music to the general public so that more music fans will fall in love with the chamber music.

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