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Lesson 9 – Intermediate – Reading Comprehension “聪明的老板”

Reading is a perfect way to learn Chinese, from which we can not only consolidate what we have learned, but also can learn some beneficial stories and philosophy. When Chinese language learners study in China, they should practice more in reading.

In our daily life, we often come across some short stories. For overseas learners, they can make use of them as free materials or they can learn Chinese online free by reading some interesting and easy stories.

In order to improve students’ language skills when they learn Chinese in China, the following reading text named “聪明的老板” is provided as a helpful material for learners to read.


After reading the whole passages, students who learn Mandarin may think they can totally understand what the text says. To check the reading result, we offer some questions for students to answer according to the text.

1. 关于年轻人,下列说法正确的是:
A 年轻人找工作很容易 B 年轻人失败了很多次 
C 年轻人工作上不够努力 D 年轻人不喜欢他的同事

This question is aimed at checking students’ capability of seizing the details, which is often stressed inChinese learning programs. In the first paragraph, it says “好不容易获得一份销售工作,勤勤恳恳干了大半年” but “在几个大项目上接连失败”. So the answer should be B.

2. 年轻人第一次去总经理办公室是为了:
A 向经理汇报工作 B 请经理给他换一份工作 
C 向经理提出辞职请求 D 告诉经理这份工作不好

In the same way, this one is also about the details. It may be a litter hard for those who learn Mandarin Chinese because they need to do some inference. From what the manager says “到那时你再要走我不留你”, we can refer that the young man wants to resign. We choose C.

3. 文中“骨干”一词的意思可能是:
A 非常主动的人 B 起主要作用的人 C 失败很多次的人 D 公司里正式员工

This type of question is often seen in reading when learners study Chinese. It would be easier if they know the meaning of this word. If not, they can guess according to the context. If students understand “连续七个月在公司销售排行榜中高居榜首”, it is not hard to find answer B is the right one.

4. 当初老总为什么不接受年轻人的请求:
A 公司非常缺人 B 来公司面试的人不多 
C 年轻人会把客户带走 D 老总相信自己看人的眼光

For question four, learners are required to find the reason in the text and find the right answer accordingly. It often appears in HSK preparation program in China. The answer comes from the end part of the text “与其说我对你仍有信心,倒不如说我对自己仍有信心。我相信我没有用错人”, which indicates “老总相信自己看人的眼光”.

5. 上文我们知道老总:
A 很会赚钱 B 非常失败 C 对人很热情 D 对员工很宽容

Last but not least, question five seems like a question of general idea. But it is still set for learners who study Mandarin Chinese to seize the details. After detailed reading, students know that the young man has failed several times but the manager still disagree and give him more opportunities. So he is tolerant (宽容).

All five questions above are helpful for students to understand the reading comprehension when they learn Chinese. The questions are designed from different aspects to check whether students can understand it thoroughly.

Therefore, no matter what your language level is, you should read more to improve your language skills tostudy Chinese language better.

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