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Lesson 7 – Advanced – Chinese Reading Skills Training by Practice

Reading comprehension is the best way to check whether overseas students master the Chinese languageor not. Therefore, reading is an essential practice for students who learn Chinese in China to improve theirChinese language skills.

There are many kinds of questioning ways in reading comprehension. The following one is popular in HSKPreparation Program in China. We will take some examples to explain in detail,

Firstly, students read the given materials carefully and try to understand what the materials talk about. Here is one example to help students learn Chinese:

After finishing reading and understanding the material provided, four options will be given for students who study Chinese to choose the one has the right contents according to the paragraph.
A 留学生不喜欢四川菜
B 做宫保鸡丁需要用辣椒
C 中国人不喜欢吃宫保鸡丁
D “宫保”是一个老百姓的名字

This exercise is set to check students’ ability of capturing the details. Let me explain in detail for students who study in China. the material focus on a typical Sichuan cuisine named “宫保鸡丁”. According to the material, we know that making this dish needs chili, so we choose B.

Now let’s move on to the next exercise of the same type.
A 咖啡使人心情糟糕
B 中国人只在咖啡馆喝咖啡
C 以前中国人很喜欢喝咖啡
D 现在喝咖啡是很平常的事了

To help those who learn Mandarin Chinese understand the content of this passage, let me explain it in detail. The passage says that Chinese people don’t like coffee before, but nowadays, they drink coffee in the coffee house or home to relax. So it is obviously that only the option D expresses the right meaning.

In the following parts, one more example will be illustrated to help students study Mandarin Chinese. Let’s take a look an example about the different thinking ways between Chinese people and the westerners.

A 西方人的思维更好
B 西方人不喜欢个体差异
C 东西方人之间需要更多的交流
D 东西方人的思维方式没有差异

This passage aims at training students to seize both the main idea and details when they learn Mandarin. It talks about the difference between two ways of thinking. The material emphasizes that neither thinking way is superior to another but more understanding is needed to gain communication between each other. So, only option C is completely correct that more communication needed between two people.

After reading this passage, students gain ability of reading. But the most important thing is that they learn knowledge from it. That’s what teacher will stress in one-on-one Chinese learning programs that to learn knowledge by reading.

What’s more, as it is the information age now, many knowledge and reading skills shared on the Internet. Therefore, students can learn Chinese online free to improve themselves.

After mastering some reading skills by the practice with detail explanation above, students can try more exercises independently. 

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