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Lesson 5 – Advanced – The Lexical Analysis of Advanced Level

Firstly, for students to study in China, we’d better to take a look at the first pair of vocabulary: 爱戴 “aidai” vs. 敬爱“jing’ai” ,both of them are verbs, meaning to respect and advocate :我们非常爱戴周总理。We respect Premier Zhou very much. /值得爱戴respectable

“敬爱”“jing’ai” the honorable both of the two words contain the connotation of “respect” and “beloved”, however, the word “爱戴”contains “to advocate”, Here is an example for students to study Chinese, e.g.:中国共产党受到全国人民的爱戴。The Communist party of China is respected by its people. What’s more, for students to learn Mandarin, “爱戴” cannot be used as the individual attributes, while “敬爱”can be used individually as an attribute.

Secondly, for students to learn Chinese in China, we’d better to take a look at the first pair of vocabulary: 爱护 “aihu” vs. 爱惜“aixi” 爱护 “aihu” means protection, while爱惜“aixi” means cherish.“爱护”means to protect carefully in case of being broken, and the objects can be both human or things, e.g.爱护动物,爱护公共财产“爱惜”emphasizes not to waste or use up quickly, the object or abstract ideas which runs off quickly can be referred to. e.g.爱惜粮食、爱惜时间

Thirdly, for students to learn Chinese on line free, we’d better to take a look at the first pair of vocabulary: 安排 “anpai” vs. 布置“buzhi” “安排” “anpai” when used as a noun means to arrange or prescribed procedures prescribed in advance while used as a verb,布置“buzhi” emphasizes the display, or prescription of something.

The major difference of this pair of vocabulary for students to attend one-on-one Chinese learning programsto notice is that “安排” “anpai” can be used for person or specific things, while布置“buzhi” emphasizes the way of placement of certain space, or arrangement of certain tasks or assignments.

Fourthly, for students to learn Chinese, we’d better to take a look at this pair of vocabulary:” 安静 means quiet and without no sound. You can make sentences as “阅览室很安静(the reading room is so quiet).” 幽静is often used to describe a place where is far from crowd and enjoys beautiful scenery.

For students to volunteer in China, 安静is often used to show the state of a person or the surroundings. It can be used in the following sentences: 他安静听着,一句话也不说。The sentence means “He sat there quietly without saying a word.”

However, the vocabulary 清幽 is a little different for students to learn Mandarin Chinese from that of 安静which is mainly used to describe environment or a place where has almost no people. It can used in the sentence that 佛寺健在幽静的竹林里。 It means there a temple building in the bamboo forest and almost no one will go to the place.

Fifthly, For students to study Mandarin Chinese, 安稳 means “peace and quiet”, and it also refers to people or things. We can put them into sentences such as “睡不安稳”and “物价平稳”. We can also make a sentence like this: 我希望安安稳稳地过日子, which means “I want to live a quiet and peace life without life fluctuations”. While the vocabulary平稳 emphasizes “stable and without any fluctuation”, and it is usually used to show things. It can be used in the sentence like this: 飞机平稳地着陆了, and the sentence means “the airplane landed without any shake”.

The last pair of words for us to learn today is 暗暗v. s.默默, 暗暗 means to do things secretively:“knowing something ,but not to speak it out”, such as “他暗暗发誓要在比赛中获取冠军”, which means “he swears to himself that he must win in the competition”. 默默means “do not make sound”. 默默 is often used to describe the moral values of a person. We can put it into the sentence like this: 他默默奉献, which shows that the man devoted himself to make some contributions silently and not to tell it to other people.

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