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Learning to Use Sentences Grammatically Correct

Grammar always plays a crucial role in any one language. In order to help students to learn Chinese language, this lesson will pay attention to practice some grammatical points.

Firstly, we train students’ skill of adding grammatical items. When students attend to school to study Mandarin, this method can be practiced in the following three ways.

Teacher speaks out a noun and students should immediately add an attributive to modify the noun. For example, when teacher says “电影” and “地图”, students should possibly add them like “好看的电影” and “中国地图” right away. To teach Mandarin language more effectively, teacher also can tell a noun and ask students to add quantifier. For instance, make “飞机” into “一架飞机” and “词典” into “一本词典”. Students also can add qualified word to a verb such as “开” to “开门” and “看” to “看电影”.

To teach by this way, teacher should prepare the words to be questioned. Some words can be asked repeatedly in order rapidly and students should be very proficient. To study Chinese by this method, students will grasp the collocation of corresponding grammatical items.

For the sake of training students’ analytical ability and memory capability, teacher can ask students to replace sentence parts. In many Mandarin learning courses, teacher firstly leads students to read the sentence together to be familiar with the syntactic structure, decreasing the difficulty of oral expressing. Then students are supposed to replace the sentence parts with the given words.

Let’s take an example to explain it. Teachers leads students to read “我跟阿里去商店买东西” and then demand students replace “商店” and “买东西” with “医院” and “看病”. The students should read “我跟阿里去医院看病” independently. Then students repeat the sentence after teacher read it again. Of course, to help students to learn Mandarin better, teacher can writes down the example sentence on the blackboard.

Besides, the verb-object collocation is a difficult point in Chinese grammar for overseas students. To ameliorate this condition in Chinese language school, teacher first asks students to prepare two or three verb-object construction. Then teacher says one verb, like “锻炼”, then the first student should find an object to match, maybe “锻炼身体”. Then, move on one to another.

The same verbs can be used again but the object can’t be repeated. If students happen to offer the intransitive verb, they should try another one after teacher’s correction.

There are many adverbs of degree and degree complements in Chinese language. To help students whostudy in China to use them skillfully, we can practice by finding strong points.

First of all, divide the class into two groups. Then, one student of each team will find out the advantage of his teammate. The most important thing is that adverbs of degree should be used in the sentences. Let me take some examples to students learn Chinese in China to understand: “我个子比较高”, “玛丽做饭做得很好”, “汤姆唱中文歌唱得相当地道”, “惠子的眼睛十分漂亮”.

If the sentences spoke meet the requirements, one point marked. However, if the sentences are incorrect or there is someone just stand quietly, one score deducted. When you attend to school to study in China, this method is usually applied to stimulate students’ creativity. The total points will be scored about ten minutes. The team with the highest scores will win.

If it is necessary, the sentences could be recorded by a recorder for discussion to learn Mandarin after the exercise. But it is not proper to point out the incorrect sentences. This game is practical to train students’ ability of using Chinese language.

Among so many possible methods discussed above all effective for overseas students to study Chinese Mandarin. Teachers can choose the suitable ones to teach Chinese.

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