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Learning Mandarin by Calling the Roll with NumbersLearning Mandarin by Calling the Roll with Numbers

For a better language learning, proper interesting methods should be applied to the teaching process. The method will be introduced in this article should be the method of calling the roll with numbers. First of all, teachers give one number to each student like 1, 2, 3and 4 and so on the teachers start to call the name. The students being called should respond immediately and say 到. If students fail to respond rapidly and say 到, they should be demanded to stand up to show punishment.

If you want to make it more difficult, you can give each students two numbers like 1and 9 or 3 and 8. The students should remember both numbers firmly and then begin the name calling game. Of course, some students in volunteer program in China also process this game through gestures. The teachers do not speak a word and just express the numbers with the fingers. For some examples, you can stretch both thumb and little finger to mean six and stretch only the thumb to indicate one. The students who stand for the numbers that the teachers express should say到loudly. And the punishment rules for those who speak incorrectly remain the same.

The appearance of the numbers is of great importance. First of all, it is essential to teach the students to read numbers in Chinese language and it is also interesting because many contents with related to games have something to do with numbers. For example, teachers can use gestures and numbers to express how much content in the text is understood. For the second point, as long as the students learn to read numbers in Chinese, it means they master some syllables. At the same time of remembering the pronunciation of the numbers, they also know the articulation of some words like 易、耳、散, etc.

As a result, in the later learning, it is much easier for students to understand and master other characters with the same syllables or similar pronunciation with the help of this pronunciation of numbers. The third but not the least importance for students who study Mandarin Chinese is that it is beneficial to train the articulation of Chinese language. The articulations of 4 and 10 are difficult for most students to tell apart. Therefore, more practice about the numbers will helpful to correct the wrongly articulated speech sound.

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