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Learning Chinese Phrases Begin with 怎么

The word 怎么in Chinese language has the similar meaning with “how” in English. If you pay much attention when you study Chinese, you may find there are many expressions begin with 怎么. For example, 怎么都行is used to show that something can be decided totally by somebody like 怎么都行,听你的. Some corresponding verbs can be added after 怎么. What’s more, it carries the tone of letting matters drift or not caring. You can make sentence like这件事你们不用征求我的意见了,怎么处理都行.

When you hear people say怎么搞的, you should know person who speaks it is not satisfied with somebody’s action, sometimes to show misunderstanding about what happened like怎么搞的!明天就开讨论会了,你们到现在还没把计划书写出来. It usually carries the tone of blaming or complaining somebody.

Another frequently used expression of this pattern that the foreigners who study Mandarin online should know is 怎么个…法, which is applied to inquire about the degree. In the practical use, some adjectives or verbs describing psychological activities are inserted in the middle. 甲:这次考试怎么个难法?乙:不光要看懂文章,回答问题,还得写出你的看法. If you intend to inquire the case, you should use怎么回事. Sometimes, it carries the tone of questioning somebody. You can say怎么回事!货物怎么都堆在走廊里?让顾客怎么走路哇!

If you fail to understand what the other said, you can ask like怎么讲to hope the other party gives a detailed explanation because of not understanding the implication of the other party’s words. You can say directly 怎么讲or 这话怎么讲. Some students may also fail to find proper words to describe something when they learn Mandarin. In this case, 怎么说呢might be helpful which is to mean there is no appropriate saying found at the moment. For example, 我找女朋友的条件也不高,怎么说呢,只要能孝敬老人,对我好就行. 

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