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Learning Chinese Language in China is Coincident in Essence, but Some Differences Also Exist in Teaching

The development of Chinese teaching both at home and abroad is better and better. Many experts in Chinese teaching field call on to establish Chinese learning programs in the world as much as possible, so that Chinese teaching in China and overseas can be well supported and its quality can be improved.

learning Chinese as foreign language at home and abroad is coincident in essence. Generally speaking, the teaching should be conducted according to the law of foreign language teaching or the second language teaching and it is a teaching aims to cultivate the non-native Chinese speakers’ oral and written Chinese communicative abilities. When students are learning Chinese language, the difference will exist in the process.

But domestic and overseas Chinese teachings have differences on many aspects in different degree and some of the differences are even too big to be changed. This is the principal subject should be all-round investigated and analyzed for the establishment and integration of international Chinese education discipline.

Only by making clear the general question and individual question in teaching and learning Chinese language at home and abroad, the establishment of discipline can shoot the arrow at the target and be well integrated and taken care.

For example, the differences of domestic and overseas Chinese teaching can be listed as following: firstly, the language teaching environment, culture environment and social environment are different, they are different in the environment of Chinese and non-Chinese, Chinese culture and local culture of students who are learning Chinese language and the difference will also exist between students who are learning Mandarin in China and students who are learning Chinese overseas.

Secondly, the educational system and class hour are different in different countries. The time of learning Chinese language in overseas countries is less than the one of learning Mandarin in China.

Thirdly, the teaching purpose and teaching requirements are different. For instance, some overseas universities teach Chinese for serving sinology research and pay more attention to the cultivation of Chinese reading ability, while domestic universities require the all-round cultivation of listening, speaking, reading and writing when students are learning Chinese language.

Fourthly, the domestic and overseas attitude and attention degree of Chinese character teaching and Chinese pinyin application are different. The overseas Chinese teaching considers Chinese character teaching as a barrier of learning Chinese language, thus it focuses more on the teaching research of Chinese characters and some schools even give up Chinese characters. Relevantly, overseas Chinese teaching pays more attention to the usage of Chinese pinyin, while the attention of domestic Chinese education to the application of pinyin is not that much, which may be caused by the difference of teaching moulds and students of learning Chinese language.

Finally, the overseas teaching tradition and foreign language idea are different from the domestic. The domestic Chinese teaching emphasizes more on the function of teachers and centers on teaching. On the contrary, the overseas Chinese teaching emphasizes on the function of students of learning Chinese language and centers on learning.

These differences require us to research carefully in the students’ learning Chinese language, try our best to take account of different situations when making teaching and estimation criteria, making teaching target, requesting, choosing, searching for teaching approach, choosing and innovating teaching moulds. We should integrate and manifest the common and individual regulation in order to meet students who are learning Chinese language as much as possible.

In fact, researching and exploring the differences of domestic and overseas Chinese teaching in different areas and different nationalities are not only the principal subject need to be discussed and solved by the structure of international Chinese education discipline, but also the main line which runs through the structure of international Chinese education discipline. While taking care of each other, taking examples by each other, collaborating with each other, identifying differences, treating respectively, establishing together, developing together should be the principle, strategy and target of discipline structure and establishment.

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