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Learn Chinese in Chengdu

Chengdu is one of the must-go tourist places for you to go during your Summer in China.

Chengdu which has long enjoyed a fame, “the land of plenty Nature‘s storehouse” has a nickname called “Rong” . Lying in the midst of Sichuan province, it is the most important city in western China, which serves as technological, business-and-trade and financial center because of its great importance of transportation and communication in this region. Chengdu is one of the Chinese cities that have long been developed and kept thriving for the longest time by now. It is within the first national historic and cultural cities. There are plenty of historic documents to prove that Chengdu was initially built 316 BC. It has, by now, enjoy a historic age of over two thousand and three hundred years. According to Jinsha historic relics and lots of other archaeological proofs, Chengdu became the highliest developed urban settlement as long ago as three thousand and two hundred years ,or so.

In 2010, Chengdu‘s GDP reached 55,513 billion yuan, which ranks no. 12 nationwide, no.3 of all provincial capital cities and no.1 of the 18 provincial capital cities in middle and western part of China. If you happen to know that Chinese nation is made up of 56 minorities, here in Chengdu you can find them all. 
Chengdu gets an annual mean temperature of about 16.2℃and the highest temperature here is about 37.3℃ and extremely lowest temperature here is minus 5.9℃. The hottest seasons appear in July and August with an monthly mean temperature of 25-25.4℃. The coldest month is January with a monthly temperature of 5.6℃.

Compare with the weather, Chengdu is hotter and more humid than Kunming, so if study Mandarin in Kunming and would like to spend your vacation in Chengdu, the best seasons for travelling in Chengdu are March to June or September to November, because July and August are too hot for travelling.

In China, Chengdu is one of the most important business and trade cities, whose foreign retailers’ revenue ranks top. As it is a time-horned city, not only did Chengdu become a member of the first historic and cultural cities which officially announced by the Chinese State Council, but gained its proud fame among those popular China‘s national travelling destinations as well. Because there are many and various places of historic interest in Chengdu, and its suburban sceneries are very wonderful, each year travellers swarm into it and Chengdu herself never fails to welcome and entertain them. Apart from these, it serves as a transportation and flight junction to Sichuan province, and sure enough, it is the central city for travelling in Sichuan and in southwestern China. In the long history of China, Chengdu has left us countless cultural relics and historic heritages as it enjoys an age of over two thousand years.

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