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Learn and Consolidate Chinese KnowledgeLearn and Consolidate Chinese Knowledge

Foreign students can learn and consolidate the second language knowledge in many lessons when they learn Mandarin. Compared with integrated lessons and grammar lessons, reading lessons are also effective because it can provide large amount of materials for learners to learn Chinese language knowledge like characters, words and sentences in the discourse. Such knowledge can be learned in integrated lessons and grammar lessons, but foreigners who learn Mandarin have no chance to review and consolidate. Therefore, reading lesson is helpful to understand language knowledge and train the language sense.

However, there are some basic principles for choosing the reading materials and arranging language knowledge points. For learners who just learn Chinese language, the reading materials should be much easier than those in integrated lessons but have more materials. When choosing the materials, we should attach more importance to the interestingness and practicality. The new words number and difficult points should never be as many as those in integrated lessons. But students who learn Mandarin can find the new words can be seen frequently in the reading. In this way, learners can learn and consolidate language knowledge naturally.

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