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Leading-in with Humor and Riddle

For most people who just start to learn Chinese in China, they may think it is a little boring because Chinese is difficult to study for them. Therefore, they may choose to attend Chinese school in China. So, teachers take great responsibility in increasing their interests in learning Chinese.

In the following parts, some ways of starting a class will be presented for teachers to show how to teach Chinese and for students to learn how to study Chinese. It might be great help for everyone like Chinese language.

To lead in with humorous stories is a perfect option. When you study in China, according to the specific teaching contents and actual situations, teachers may make a joke to attract students’ attention and active classroom atmosphere.

Here are some examples are taken to show how to lead in by with humor:
After the students thinking and discussing for a while, the teacher writes “猴子” on the blackboard. When students understand this, they will find it is interesting to learn Mandarin in China. Then, the teacher can continue the class.

The answer is “宰相(prime)”, which may confuse some students. This example is a very appropriate one because it can help students learn some Chinese culture because it comes from the ancient Chinese idiom “宰相肚里能撑船”.

Another leading way is making a riddle. The teacher can make a riddle that is closely related to the teaching contents to begin the class. It is beneficial for students to learn Mandarin because it is not only fits overseas students’ features but also a special way of raising questions to lead students to study Chinese.

Students can regard Chinese riddles as free Chinese lessons to learn Mandarin because there are many free resources on the Internet. Students can make full use of them to train their learning interest.

The following typical examples are helpful for teachers to lead students gain their interest in learning Mandarin Chinese. 
This may be difficult for students to figure out the answer “温暖”, but it has close relation with the following teaching contents.

The teacher will writes down the answer “银行” on the blackboard after a while. This may be easier for students to guess. But what really important is to gain students’ interest to learn to speak Chinese and to build relation with the following course.

The two leading ways introduced above are beneficial for Chinese teaching and learning. Therefore, teacher can make full use of them and students also can study by themselves.

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