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Intensive Reading and Extensive Reading in Chinese

Intensive reading is the task of learning or finishing the text comprehension under the instruction of teachers. The aim is to understanding. But the foreigners who lean Mandarin should know it is not only understand the meaning of the text, more importantly, to understand how the meaning is expressed by words and sentences. Of course, the purpose of intensive reading is to train students master the methods to analyze the text when they learn Mandarin. Therefore, the themes of the materials for intensive reading are not widely and the language difficulty is higher than learners‘ language level.

However, the aim of extensive reading is to accumulate vocabulary knowledge and language structure knowledge and stimulate the interest in reading. That is to say, you can just have a general knowledge about it when learning Chinese Mandarin. It includes skinning, skimming as well as reading catalogue and index. Extensive reading means to read lots of materials with various themes, expand background knowledge, strengthen understanding skills and stimulate the initiative of reading, thus forming a good reading habit. In order to train confidence to learn Mandarin, the difficulty level should be the same as learners‘ language level, or a little higher.

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