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How the New Chinese Words are Produced?

The most obvious characteristic of the words in development is the constantly created new words. Foreign students who learn Mandarin should know the so-called new words are the words that created in the developing process but not existed in the former vocabulary system. However, the “new” is a relative time concept because we can say every word is the new word because the vocabulary is changing. When you learn Mandarin, teachers may tell you the vocabulary development experiences a process of from nonexistence to pass into existence.

Therefore, if we want to define whether a word is a new one, we should first provide a time range. Even though there is no clear boundary, but teachers in Mandarin language program that the most scholars regard the 1970s as the beginning point of the new words. Not only the time limitation, there are some rules in using the new words. The foreigners will see many new words when they learn Mandarin if we take all of those new words from the 1970s. Therefore, the new words should be fixed in meanings after the application and recognition of the public. 

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