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Hebei Province

Abbreviation:Ji 冀
Capital: Shijiazhuang
Area: 190,000 square kilometres
Poulation:67.42 million

      Location:In north China and north bank of the lower reaches of the Yellow River and adjacent to Bohai Sea in the east.
Hebei surrounds Beijing and Tianjin, two of China’s four municipalities under the direct leadership of the Central Government. Hebei’s geography, communications network, natural resources and markets give it a solid economic foundation.
      Hebei Province has a history of more than 2,800 years. Industries include textiles, iron and steel, machinery, chemicals, petroleum, electrical power, porcelain,and food processing. Many trunk railways run through the city. Major tourist attractions are Longxing Temple, Norman Bethune International Peace Hospital of People’s Liberation Army(PLA), Zhaozhou Bridge, Chengde Mountain Summer Resort, and Outer Eight Temples.

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