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Grass Writing in Chinese Calligraphy

The grass writing is a kind of style of calligraphy that breakthroughs the strict forms of Chinese characters, making the Chinese characters being written simpler. When you learn Mandarin, you will know it originated from the casual writing way of official script in Qin period. There are also different types of the grass writing with different features. One thing you should know when you learn Mandarin it that the grass writing originally appeared in the beginning of Han Dynasty. At that time, the most popular writing style was the grass official script.

Then, it was gradually developed into a kind of grass writing named Zhang Cao with great artistic value. When you study Mandarin in China, teachers may tell you this type of grass writing originated in Western Han Dynasty and reached the peak in Eastern Han Dynasty. About the grass writing, the students who learn Mandarin should know the calligrapher Zhang Xu who is regarded as the sage calligrapher of grass writing. The grass writing has simple structures and the strokes are connected but difficult to recognize. 

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