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Financial Assistance Policy of the Confucius Institution Scholarship for Summer in China Programs

The scholarship of Confucius Institution has been an issue among the Chinese teachers, the Chinese learners who learn Chinese in China or not and the amateur, and the educational institution in every country in the world.

The list of the school students who have been awarded by the scholarship from Confucius Institution in 2011 and learn Chinese in China has been started to be released successively. Those students who have worked hard at Chinese and have outstanding performance in various aspects in the last year especially the last Summer in China win the scholarship from Confucius Institution, no matter study in the Confucius Institution in any other countries or in China . They have achieved the scholarship from Confucius Institution by studying hard.

Financial assistance policy of Confucius Institution reflects that the headquarters of Confucius Institution support the development of Chinese language education especially the course in the Summer in China in the world especially the development of Confucius Institution. And it also encourages the concern about the young Chinese learners and amateurs who are interested in the course in the Summer in China , the Chinese teacher home and abroad. It is benefit to develop the Chinese education overseas university for China and enhance the practical ability to build the Confucius Institution together. At the same time, it is also favorable to perfect the personnel training system of divers Chinese. This helps to encourage all the students in the Confucius Institution to study hard even in the Summer in China , set a good example of study among the students and aspire to be elitist. What’s more, the students will be encouraged to be the new emerging in the future and bridge the friendly and affirmative relationship between China and the United States.

The practice has approved that the scholarship from Confucius Institution has greatly promoted all the countries in the world to cultivate more elitists of Chinese with higher quality. All the Confucius Institutions from the world and more than 130 universities in China have taken apart in the project of scholarship especially for the course in Summer in China . And their help, the development and the management system of the scholarship project of Confucius Institution has been closer to the reality and perfected gradually.

The statistics show that since 2009, more than 20,000 students studied in Confucius Institution from 139 countries have applied for the scholarship from Confucius Institution. At the same time, 12,000 students have been rewarded with the scholarship from Confucius Institution. 95% of the students who have been rewarded are 16 to 35 ages. The rewarded students include the outstanding students from Confucius Institution (the Confucius Classroom), the winner of Chinese Bridge, the local teachers around the world, and the literature majors from the universities. According to the rough statistics, so far more than 7000 students who have been rewarded returned to work at home.

In 2011, one of the important content of Confucius Institution’s working conference is that the headquarter of examination department and the scholarship department mainly take charge of preaching the financial assistance policy and expound the importance of the scholarship project of Confucius Institution and the long-term schedule. In another words, to promote the sustainable development of Confucius Institution by awarding the outstanding students and teachers with scholarship can not be changed for ever. At present, the management of the scholarship project in Confucius Institution has been promoted to the main functions of the headquarters of Confucius Institution. At the same time, it is at work focusing on three important points.

First, increase their efforts to cultivate the local Chinese teachers who take class in the Summer in China . The headquarter has established different project of scholarship so that it can satisfied the needs for those the Chinese teachers, preparing Chinese teachers from all over the world to China for training.

Second, satisfied the actual demand from the teaching and studying in Confucius Institution. All in all, the headquarters establish and carry out the project of the scholarship according to the development of the Confucius Institution all over the world. And it is established and carried out with the purpose to support the teaching.

Third, push forward the balanced development of Chinese teaching, HSK and the works of scholarship. The project of scholarship can not reach the aim without the involvement and great support from the Confucius Institution.

With the globalization, most of oversees Chinese learners concern about the applying the scholarship to study in China. And for the Confucius Institution, the scholarship from Confucius Institution is not only a kind of financial assistance, but also a kind of honor.

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