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Enlightenment for Students Who are Studying Chinese in China

Create a pure Chinese environment

To teach spoken Chinese in the situation of lacking Chinese environment, the creation of a pure Chinese environment for students who are studying Chinese language both in China and foreign countries is difficult but necessary.

In spoken Chinese class, I stipulated teachers to teach in Chinese and students to communicate with teachers and answer in Chinese. It required teachers hold the degree and have certain skills. To realize the Chinese teaching all-around, the necessary bedding must be done well. The use and promotion of simple, clear, practical and fixed classroom teaching language are the base and foundation. Such as “同学们好!”, “现在开始上课”, “请打开书”, “请回答问题”, “请跟我读” and “请安静”——for these simple classroom language, a little progress from being shocked to being familiar with these sentences will be the result of repeating and using frequently. Although students who are studying Chinese in China have the pure Chinese environment, this method can also be used to help them learn Chinese in China .

Playing games approach

Things we should pay attention to are: firstly, playing games approach is not to only raise students’ enthusiasm and interest in studying Chinese in China, to help students understand and strengthen teaching contents is the most important; secondly, the game rules should be simple and easily understandable. The operability of games should be strong; thirdly, to combine the rules of students favored and familiar games with learning contents effectively. Korean students like a game named “Bingo”. For example, when teaching numbers, take 1 to 25 as an example, teacher can ask students fill the following form with the Chinese pinyin of every number and then let every student who study Chinese in China read five numbers. Students should write an “x” on the number they heard and the one who connects five “x” on the horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows together first will be the winner.

shí yī wǔ èr shí èr bā shí jiǔ

qī èr shí wǔ jiǔ shí sì èr shí yī

èr shí shí sān sān shí liù èr

yī èr shí shí bā shí wǔ shí qī

èr shí sān shí èr shí èr shí sì sì

To listen it carefully, read it arbitrarily and get a ligature unconsciously, it all depends on the ability to be the winner or loser. It is because of the fate that one can win this game. Therefore when fortune falls on one student, he will be extremely exciting and happy. Plus the attractive presents, the game will bring a very good atmosphere and efficiency. For students who are studying Chinese in China , this method is still useful.

This game can be used to do the exercises of many language points, such as letters, pinyin, numbers, Chinese characters, words and sentences.

There are many kinds of playing game approaches. Teachers should be good at finding, thinking, practicing and creating more to design game projects which are helpful for teaching, simple, practical, interesting and attractive according to different teaching objects and contents.

Raise students’ enthusiasm of learning Chinese language by using modern communication technologies

Students are interested in modern communication technologies. If teachers can communicate with them in the way they like, they will feel that this teacher has no generation gap between them and there is no distance with their teacher and more likely to communicate with teachers.

This approach is more effective for students who are studying Chinese in China , for they need more help from their teacher in China to help their learning Chinese.

When they are communicating, teacher can ask students to use Chinese pinyin if Chinese character is not available. For example, teacher can leave his MSN or e-mail to students and keep in touch with students who are interested in studying Chinese language. At the beginning, maybe there are only several interested in it. At this time, teacher can send some video materials about Chinese teaching and local conditions and customs in China to students. After students watch them, they must be interested in some contents and reply the e-mail or ask face-to-face in simple Chinese about the interesting contents. These students will tell other students in their class what they have learnt so that more and more students will take part in the group gradually and the information and discussion topics between teacher and students will be more and more. This can not only strengthen the affection between teacher and students, but also improve students’ spoken Chinese communication skill unconsciously. 

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