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Conjunctions with the Function of Meaning Extension in Mandarin

If we want to express the complete contents in Chinese fluently, we need to add some functional words to connect each sentence to make the whole text more logical. There are a number of connective words in Chinese language, which can be divided into several classifications. The type will be explained in the following parts are the words with the function of expanding. When you attend to intensive Mandarin course in China, teachers would tell you first that the so-called extension is to add new contents from some else aspects besides the meaning of the former sentences or passages.

As a matter of fact, the conjunctions of the expansive type can be subdivided into three detailed classifications, namely, the transition type, comparison or contrast style and choice or condition classification. Of course, the learners need to know some typical conjunctions of each classification. The words such as 可是、但是、虽然and然而are used to show the transition to another meaning. To express the contrast and comparison, we can use 相反、反而、另一方面、相对来说and 反过来说. The conjunctions like 否则、不然、尽管如此、除此之外and或者are usually applied to show the alternative or condition.

If those conjunctions mentioned above appear in the passages, they have the function of reminding the readers of the viewpoints and contents will have some changes, the same direction or the opposite one or the alternative choice. One important point that the students who come to learn Chinese in China need to know is that the ideas and contents changed are the main viewpoints and contents that the authors want to express. As a result, much importance should be attached to the contents after such kind of words.

With the help of those words, the readers will feel it is easier to follow the ideas of the authors and also the changes. Therefore, the practice of this aspect will train the students’ ability of analysis and judgment as well as train the capability of seizing the main contents and viewpoints in the articles through the conjunctions provided. In order to reach this goal, teachers can also take the measure of answering the questions after reading the text to train. In this way, the readers will have a deeper impression to the contents.

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