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Compositionality in Grammar Points’ Arrangement

When we arrange the grammar points in teaching, we should combine relevant points together to form a complete unit. That is the compositionality of grammar points‘ arrangement. There are three levels of meanings that the learners who study Chinese should know about it. The first one is to put the relevant grammar items in the same lesson. We say “relevant” because the grammar points should appear together frequently in topic expressions or certain communicative activities. Therefore, students who study Chinese should realize that the texts should be related to the grammar points. Besides, they should be arranged together to help the communicative activities.

The second level of meaning that you should know when you study in Chinese courses in China is that the points of the same classification should be arranged in successive lessons. Take complement as an example. There are different types of complements and they should be learned in continuous lessons. Last but not least, to help students study Chinese, teachers should put some easy points into the learning of difficult grammar points so that to form a harmonious teaching contents. 

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