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Common Mistakes in Chinese Sentences

There are many mistakes are made by students in sentences during the process when they learn Mandarin. The first type of mistake is the incorrect collocation. In the sentence 这个书柜很重,我们两个抱不动, 抱 is not proper here. When we indicate to move, we should use 搬. Sometimes, the sentences are incomplete or the words are unnecessary. Students who learn Mandarin should add a verb 吵 to the sentence 我被收音机醒了 to express the complete meaning and remove 一下 in the sentence 我送送你们一下 to express briefly.

Another mistakes often made when they learn Chinese language is the improper word order. For the sentence 他放了一本书在桌子上, foreigners should know 在桌上 should be placed before the verb 放 when it functioned as adverbial modifier. The conjunction is also a difficult point when they learn Mandarin. For instance, we don‘t use 和 in 他买了苹果、梨、橘子和很多水果 because 苹果、梨 belong to 水果 and they have no coordinating relation.

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