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Combining Difficult with Easy in Chinese Teaching

When the teachers apply certain methods to help foreigners who learn Mandarin to practice the Chinese language, they should practice for the easy to the difficult. On one hand, it will be helpful to gain the confidence to the learners in learning. Another aspect is that the language levels of the students who lean Mandarin are different. Therefore, teachers should arrange the practice of different levels so that it can meet the various needs of the students in Chinese learning.

First of all, the teachers should know clearly it is different to practice or not even if the practice is very simple. It is beneficial for students to gain the impression and memory when they learn Mandarin Chinese. Besides, some of the grammar points are simple in the forms so that the students often neglect them and make mistakes. So they practice has the function of drawing their attention. Of course, when foreigners learn Mandarin, the purposes of practicing should be various. Some practice emphasizes the accuracy but some fluency. To see from this perspective, the practice combining the easy and difficult is meaningful.

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