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Chinese Version Drama Masquerade Staged in National Grand Theater

Just several days ago, the meet-and-greet of self-creation of Chinese version Giuseppe Verdi opera Masquerade was presented in the National Grand Theater of China. The participation of the famous Dai Yuqiang and Liao Changyong made this Chinese version opera seem full of energy and vitality. Some students who are interested in opera when they come to learn Chinese language in China may know the drama Masquerade is an opera with the authentic style of Giuseppe Verdi. According to the statistics, from 2011 to now, there are 39 different versions of this drama in the global area.

This famous drama is seldom performed in China. Therefore, this time of drama show of Masquerade performed in the National Grand Theater is regarded as a meaningful milestone because it is the representative works of Giuseppe Verdi. The famous international director Wuge•de•Anna said on the press conference that the opera art and other arts are mutually supportive and he loves to show his directing thoughts with the visual art forms.

This director who even won the Italy highest music award, that is, Abbiati Award, did not hide his expectation to this new works. He believes Masquerade will be a very successful works because it involves the comprehensive application of all kinds of elements, including unique choreography, colorful costumes and beautiful head decorations. As a result, it will have new and highlights when being presented at stage. In this time, he undertook the whole three core creative roles of director, choreography design and costumes design.

The China Group of the drama Masquerade includes Dai Yuqiang, Liao Changyong, He Hui and Zhang Qiulin. On the scene of the 4th, Dai Yuqiang was still reciting the dialogues and expressed that he felt much stress. Some students may be told by the teachers who teach Mandarin language that it is a terrible thing to complete and express the drama of Giuseppe Verdi with the original style because there are not so many people who ever performed this drama. In addition, many tenors are not willing to receive this role, making it more difficult.

On the contrary, the director praised him that he not only sings perfect, but also looks really like the King. The international group of this drama is composed of five performers from five different countries, including Hungary contralto Widman and top baritone singer Attanelli which is regarded as the most popular baritone signer in the world. It is said that this opera will be presented from 24th to 27th.

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