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Chinese Language Courses in National Universities in Laos

Laos is the friendly neighbors of China . With the closer connection between China and the Southeast Asian countries, the young people who have taken long-term Chinese language courses will have an identifiable edge in the job market. On this account more and more students choose to learn Chinese language courses. The Department of Chinese language courses and Literature of Laos national university and the Confucians Institutions are the first choice for the Laos young people to learn Chinese. The Laos national university was found in 1996 which is the only national comprehensive university in Laos. At present, it has found 11academies such as language, economy, politics and law, and teacher training and so on. And 7 centers and 1 also have been found in this university. There are more than 3,000 students studying in it and about 1500 teachers engaged in the Laos national university. What’s more the Laos national university has established the cultural relationship and academy cooperation relationship with 83 universities in the world.

The Department of Chinese language course and Literature of Laos national university was founded in 2003. It enrolls the foreign Chinese majors who will graduate after finishing the undergraduate courses. The educational system of foreign Chinese institute is 5 years. The students are taken in from three parts: one is the learner paid by himself from the whole society; one is the serving officer who are selected and sent by the all departments of government; some students are even the monks from different temples. Therefore, one class may be together with different students in ages and professionals. If the students perform well in studies, they can apply for skip the grade.

In addition, the national university has set a rule for the students that those students who have studied in the Chinese national universities or learn Chinese in China at their own expense can transfer to the corresponding class in Laos national university or the Confusions Institutions. So far, there are 2 groups have been graduate from the Department of Chinese language courses and Literature. What’s more, all these graduated students are confronted by a good employment situation.

Now the students who learn Chinese in China get more and more. Same in Laos . So far, there are 385 students, 5 grades and 11 classes in the Department of Chinese language courses and Literature. 13 to 15 students are selected from the grade 2 or grade 3 to study in Guang Xi University of Nationalities in China for a year. And they will go to the Guang Xi University of Nationalities by 2 groups. Besides the English Department, the Department of Chinese language and Literature is the second largest department in Laos national universities. 10 teachers work in the Department of Chinese language and Literature, 4 teacher sent by the Office of Chinese language Council International and 6 Chinese teacher from local place in Laos included.

These 5 grades in the Department of Chinese language and Literature have been divided into 3 kinds with morning class, middle class, and evening class. And there are 4 classes in each period. The morning class starts at 8:30 am and ends with 11:40 am. All of the students from 5 grades can go to the morning class. These students study in the national university at public expense. At the same time, the Chinese teacher from China will teach these students. These groups of students have positive motivation for learning Chinese. What’s more, generally speak they have better Chinese than those students who study in the middle class or evening class. Several students from grade 4 and grade 5 who have been to China studying Chinese for one year are excellent on their Chinese. Among them, there 2 students have achieved more than 7 points n HSK. The students from grade 1 to grade 3 can have the middle class from 13:00 pm to 4:40pm and the evening class from 17:00 to 20:40. And all of these students are self-supporting. Although the students study in different period, they have the same educational system and curriculums besides the curriculums of English and Laotian. Each grade has their intensive reading class. The students from grade on may focus on the pronunciation, oral training and writing. On the other hand, the students from grade 2 to grade 4 may focus on reading, grammar, writing and the 5 grade students will concentrate on linguistics, Chinese teaching method. 

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