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China Central Chinese Orchestra in Asian-Pacific Music Festival

From 28th June to 4th July, the third Asian-Pacific music festival was held in Krasnoyarsk in border area in Russia. The activities centered upon the communication of the cultures between different countries through the performance of music. About 300 artists from 13 countries attended the big event. The artists were from the countries including China, Asian-pacific area and the Commonwealth of the Independent States. Through the communication of music, the barriers of language was dismissed and people present at the festival all had a great time and enjoyed the different features of music from different areas.

As the main representative of Chinese music, China Central Chinese Orchestra sent a team to take part in the event. As many overseas students knew that China Central Chinese Orchestra had the best artists in China. Those who had taken the Mandarin learning courses might know that Beijing opera was the quintessence of Chinese culture. China Central Chinese Orchestra played the operas in an excellent and brilliant way which people all admired of. China Central Chinese Orchestra participated the opening and closing ceremony of the music festival. They also held concerts in different border cities in Krasnoyarsk. Cao Shuci and Sheng Shidong, solo actors of Central Ballet Team, performed Giselle with the cooperation of Krasnoyarsk Border Ballet Team. Pianist Liu Yi held solo concert in the music hall in Krasnoyarsk city. The conductor Lin Tao led the symphony orchestra to present two concerts. Several Chinese artists presented their paintings in an exhibition to present the theme Asian Universe. Many films were exhibited in Krasnoyarsk city.

Zhang Zhonghua, Cultural Counselor of China’s ambassador to Russia embassy, went to Krasnoyarsk city to attend the music festival during 28th June to 1st July. Zhang transferred the letter from Counselor Li Hui to the chief executive of the border area. He also met the president of the legislative council of the border area, vice president who was responsible for the border culture of the border area and the minister of the border cultural department. Zhang made a speech in the reception for the major and watched the performance. He also studied the local culture and visited the people there.

The music festival was a good chance for the people to communicate the culture together. Chinese culture, with its profundity and long history, attracted much attention from the world. The music festival was a good bridge to connect the culture of others with Chinese culture. The performance of China Central Chinese Orchestra gave people in border area an opportunity to enjoy the essence of Chinese art. 

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