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Characteristics of Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is noted for the following characteristics:

Vegetables are the main ingredients
This explains why most Chinese women are slim and men free of cardiovascular diseases. In China, there is a traditional respect for land. As the old saying goes, “Live on the mountain if you live in one and live on water if you live by water.” The Chinese are meticulous about food preparation. Whether the ingredients they use are pastries or vegetables, they always try to make the dishes tasty. For example, beans are prepared into bean sprouts and bean curd.

The Chinese like well-prepared food
To facilitate food absorption and digestion, they are scrupulous about the temperature while cooking. Undercooked food is unacceptable to them. In addition, warm soup is very important. Wonton, or dumpling soup and noodles are popular nationwide. Other soups include jellied bean curd, rice porridge and corn porridge.

Chinese like to eat together
It reflects the Chinese notion of union versus division—round tables, round dishes, and round bowls all symbolize union and perfection.

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