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Arts Festival “Meet in Beijing” Held in Beijing

During the period from April 28th to May 29th, the arts festival “Meet in Beijing” that hosted by the Ministry of Culture, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and Beijing Municipal People’s Government and jointly sponsored by China Foreign Culture Group and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture will be held. The activity will meet the audiences in the romantic spring. According to those who come to learn Chinese language in China, about 60 arts troupes from twenty countries such as Cuba, Spain, Ireland, Argentina, France, Japan and South Africa are invited to the activity.

At that time, all of the arts troupes will present the audiences about sixty theater performances and 100 plaza performances as well as some exhibitions. The activity will be divided in to several sectors. In the music sector, there are classical music performances like Scottish string ensemble concert and Latvian Chamber Orchestra concert as well as the popular music performances of May Day, Xu Xiaofeng and Luzi Kashaer.

In the dancing sector, the audiences will enjoy the enthusiastic Argentina Tango, vigorous African dance, modern France dance and elegant Chinese dance. Foreigners who study in Chinese leaning programs said that the classic dramas like Sunrise, Beijing People and Noah‘s Ark Kidnapping will be presented in the theater sector. However, the plaza performance will create a really warm atmosphere and passionate activity party with pop music and electronic music. It is worth mentioning that as the opening ceremony performance of “meet in Beijing”, the Awan Lake will be performed in National Theater by the National Ballet of Cuba.

It is reported that the activity attaches much importance to the original works. At the same time, it will continue to adhere to the concept of “public culture benefits the public”, providing privilege to students and launching students public welfare performances. It will continue to present the artistic influence of basing on Beijing and radiating the whole nation. The news comes from those who study Mandarin online is that Cuba National Ballet, Argentina Tango group and Scottish string ensemble group will organize the performance in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Lanzhou.

As a state level large scale international festival and biggest arts festival in Asia, “meet in Beijing” has been held successfully for 11 sessions. During the ten years, more than 1000 troupes from 110 countries performed in “meet in Beijing”, presenting world cultural feast to Chinese audiences.

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