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Ancient Qutuo Pass in Yunnan Province

Qutuo Pass is situated in the 30 kilometers northwest of Tonghai County. It was originally the location of Marshal House in Yuan Dynasty, which was the highest army and government office at that time. Some of the learners who are learning Chinese Mandarin may be told that the Mongolian marshal in Yuan Dynasty ever stationed in this place. According to the history book, there were 39 springs with sweet water and 400 posts as well as the densely covered forests and beautiful scenery in Qutuo Pass.

All kinds of history materials show Qutuo Pass was a prosperous military fortress as early as 700 years ago. On the half of QUtuo Pass, there is a well named Mapao Well which is characterized by the sufficient water resource and crystal clear water all the year around. It was said that Kublai lead Mongolian military to this place but the soldiers were tired and the horses were hungry. It was really difficult to march in since it was lack of water.

All of a sudden, the horse of Kublai went to the cliff to roar and dug the earth with its legs. After a while, a small pitch was dug and the water flowed from the pitch. This is the origin of the Mapao Well, meaning the well dug by horse. The foreign learners who are interested in Chinese culture should know the cavalry gained victory in the war since the water encouraged the soldiers and gave them strength.

At the very beginning, Qutuo Pass was just a government office to rule the local area. Then it was upgrades as the Marshal House. The main purpose of building Qutuo Pass was to ensure the stability in Yunnan by governing the betrayals. In the year of 1360, Alatiemuer who was born in Mongolia was appointed as the head of Yunnan and awarded as the Marshal in Marshal House. He led the soldiers of Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hebei guarded Qutuo Pass.

He made great contribution to the development and stability to the local place. If you learn Chinese Mandarin language in Yunnan, you may be told that he ever advocated constructing schools. After he passed away, his son Chan Xi inherited his duty and constructed many temples. Since the son loved literature, the garden with many peach flowers was constructed, attracting many men of letters when it came to the spring. 

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