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An Ancient Building in Kunming

Most of the students who come to study in China would choose to stay in the city of Kunming in Yunnan province. Because Kunming is one of the best places for traveling and sightseeing, it is also the place with the best Chinese language school. When you study in China, you should go to Mandarin schools in the city of Kunming.

Everybody in Kunming, includes foreign students from Chinese language school knows that several meters away from Zhuang Yuan Lou in Tuo Dong Road, there is a tall building of 6.5 meters. But the tower shape cultural relic was discovered in 1917. I was surprised as those who learn Mandarin in Chinese language school when reading about the historical documents of this building. The ancient building has a history of about a thousand years, why did the people in Kunming found and recorded it only a hundred years ago? It is a real building standing at the same place for 1000 years, and it is not a needle hiding in the woods, how could the local people have not been aware of its existence. In order to answer those questions, we need read about its story.

The history of the ancient building should be talked about in Chinese language school when students come to study in China. In late spring of 1917, villagers nearby found the ancient building while digging. Police commissioner Qin Guangdi heard about the news and went to the digging site. After close examination, he thought it would be a pity if the ancient building kept burying under soil, so he ordered his subordinates to dig out the whole building and clean it up. After days of hard working, the building was finally dug out and it was classified as a tower built in Tang Dynasty by some experts. However, your teacher fromChinese language school may give you a further explanation that the building was constructed in Dali Kingdom.

Those students in Chinese language school may wonder what happened after the local people dug the ancient building out. It was the rainy season at that time, and many people went to see the building. There were 300 human images carved on the building, and each of them was made with exquisite skills. You should go to the place after having classes in Chinese language school. If go and visit the ancient building, you will be attracted be those vivid images.

A story about the tower shape building was widely spread among Chinese language schools. There was a dragon around the area, and the building was constructed to suppress the dragon. A lot of local people heard about the story of dragon, and they hurried to the ancient building to find out if it was real. Heard about all these, Provincial Military Governor Tang Jirao said, “As I know, many people went to the building to visit the place and test the legendary story, which will definitely do harm to the conservation of the building.” Then he ordered his subordinates to check the status of this ancient building. Just as teachers at Chinese language school told you, the general situation of the building was just fine.

Years later, there was a temple named Di Zang Temple built around the tower shape cultural relic. Fork storied brings more and more people to go and visit the ancient building. In March, 1919, the repair work of the Di Zang Temple was finished and a long stone road was paved in the temple. Iron fences were made all around the building and the martyrs’ tombs in the Di Zang Temple were restored and maintained in good shape. Later after that, Di Zang Temple was officially named as “Gu Zhuang Park” and became one of the relics in Kunming. If you have time after study, have a look at the “Gu Zhuang Park” and learn about the story of the park.

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