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American Students’ Impressive Experience in China

Every foreign student who comes to learn Mandarin in China may has a different experience comparing with what they experienced in their own countries. If the American students come to learn Mandarin, it is inevitable for them to visit some famous scenic spots like the Great Wall. However, they will find so many tiny differences in China and they are gradually influenced and changed about the ideas for themselves or others.

Most American students realize they are on the other side of the earth when they hear the Chinese language they don’t understand. Beijing roast duck is a delicious food should be enjoyed when they come to China to learn Mandarin. However, the way of eating it is different from that they eat in America. The American students may never see the head of chicken or duck is editable in their country. Besides, even if they go to the KFC shop when they study Mandarin in China, they may encounter the culture shock. It is not for free when they want to fill more cola.

In China, we people regard food as their prime want. The powerful eating habits of Chinese people are changing the foreigners who come to China.

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Sully testimonial for keats chinese school

Sully | France

Small Group Chinese Class

All my classmates stay together for one year and we improved so much! The teachers are all very great. They like to organize a lot of activities to help us learn Chinese.

Paul | UK

Intensive One on One Chinese Classes

All teachers are really lovely. The teaching level at Keats is so much higher. I really love the city. It is very comfortable to get around. I fully recommend Keats. It is a great place to come. We are looking forward to coming back again later this year.

David testimonial for keats chinese school

Pakorn | Thailand

Small Group Chinese Class

Josh testimonial for keats chinese school

Josh | USA

Small Group Chinese Class

I really had a wonderful experience at the school. The teachers are very very friendly. In my class, we practice speaking, listening, reading and writing. We play games and other fun activities. We have trips around town. The staff at Keats is phenomenal. My teacher is one the best teachers I have ever had in my educational experience. She comes in with smile every day.

Steve testimonial for keats chinese school

Steve | UK

Small Group Chinese Class

I really enjoy coming here because it is like kind of a home for me. It is a great great environment to learn Chinese and meet great people from all over the world. Every one here is extremely friendly. Kunming has a really nice climate. It is a very good mix of modern city and also a lot of historic Chinese culture. Probably got the cleanest air in China and possibly the cleanest water too. I invite you to come.

Sylvia tetimonial for keats chinese school

Sylvia | USA

Intensive One on One Chinese Classes

One thing I really liked was that I was able to work with my teacher to make an individual plan of study. Another really nice thing is that you live at the school, you feel completely safe.  You always have a group of people who are willing to do things with you on the weekends or in the evenings. They are serving you all the 3 meals a day, the food was excellent.

Josephine testimonial for keats chinese school

Josephine | Indonesia

Intensive One on One Chinese Classes

I think Keats is one of the best language schools I have ever been to. My teacher is such an amazing person. She is so good at teaching. She makes classes fun. I have learned a lot of vocabulary of my time here. I would really recommend to come to Keats School

Sarah testimonial for keats chinese school

Sarah | Dubai

Intensive One on One Chinese Classes

My teachers are all excellent. They trained the teachers so professionally. I feel like I learn very quickly with my teacher. They are very serious about their students and I know every teacher is like this. I would highly recommend that you come to Keats.

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