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American Students’ Impressive Experience in China

Every foreign student who comes to learn Mandarin in China may has a different experience comparing with what they experienced in their own countries. If the American students come to learn Mandarin, it is inevitable for them to visit some famous scenic spots like the Great Wall. However, they will find so many tiny differences in China and they are gradually influenced and changed about the ideas for themselves or others.

Most American students realize they are on the other side of the earth when they hear the Chinese language they don’t understand. Beijing roast duck is a delicious food should be enjoyed when they come to China to learn Mandarin. However, the way of eating it is different from that they eat in America. The American students may never see the head of chicken or duck is editable in their country. Besides, even if they go to the KFC shop when they study Mandarin in China, they may encounter the culture shock. It is not for free when they want to fill more cola.

In China, we people regard food as their prime want. The powerful eating habits of Chinese people are changing the foreigners who come to China.

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