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(Ⅲ)Chinese people’s love for the 12 animals

The Snake
In the past, the Chinese people believe that the dragon evolved from the snake. Therefore, snakes are also known as small dragon. According to the legend, a long time ago, there was once a large snake in southern China called Baishe. Baishe could eat elephants and would then spend three years spitting up the elephant’s bones. Baishe often ate humans, too. Later, Houyi, the hero who shot down nine suns, killed Bashe. Afterwards, Baishe’s bones became a mountain.

The Horse
The character of the oracle bone script for horse depicts a horse standing upright. It has a long face, large eyes, and a mane and tail. In ancient times, horses were very important. They were used fro farming, transport and war. According to legend, in ancient times, there was a “dragon-gorse” in the Yellow River. The dragon-hose had the appearance of a dragon and was able to walk on water. There was a strange picture on its back. The saga Fuxi was inspired by this picture and subsequently invented “bagua”.

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