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An Efficient Way to Teach Chinese Words

Teaching Chinese lessons for many years, the author has concluded many teaching experience. The author suggests that Chinese teachers should find the study law of Chinese language so that overseas students can learn Chinese more efficiently in Chinese Lessons.

Some Chinese words will be other words, if they are read backward. The examples given by the teacher of Chinese Lessons will help students to learn Mandarin in China and memorize more Chinese words: 路线——线路,实现——现实,法语——语法,故事——事故. The author who has been teaching Chinese lessons for many years suggested to setting contexts for students to recall the words they have learnt and then import reversed ordered words to teach students.

This teaching approach can enhance the comprehension of students who are having the Chinese Lessons on the structure of the Chinese words and increase the capability of discriminating the meaning of words. For students who are learning Mandarin in China, they can also learn new words from the words they have already learnt. Because the difficulty is lowered, they will learn easier and their thinking will also be active.

Today the author will give you some teaching practice examples of Chinese Lessons as the references for all the Chinese teachers.

Example one: when teaching the word意愿 to the students of Chinese Lessons.
The teacher of the Chinese Lessons wrote down the word “愿意” which the students have already learnt before on the blackboard.
Teacher: 如果将来有很多钱,你愿意做什么?
Students: 我愿意……
Teacher: 如果将来有很多钱的话,我愿意用这些钱来帮助贫困的学生,你们愿意吗?
Student A: 我愿意。
Student B: 我也愿意。
Then the teacher wrote on the blackboard and imported the new word “意愿” like this:
Example two: 提前——前提
The teacher wrote the word “提前” which had been taught in the Chinese lesson.
Teacher: 在我们学校学到本科毕业需要几年?
Students: 四年。
Teacher: 可不可以提前毕业呢?
Students: 好像可以。
Teacher: 可以。那么你们知道要怎样才能提前毕业呢?
Students: 好像是要修完全部的课程,还要通过HSK八级。
The teacher wrote on the blackboard and imported the new word “前提”:
Example three: 故事——事故
The teacher told students a story about traffic accident in the Chinese Lessons.
Teacher: 今天我们听了一个故事。
The teacher wrote down “事故” on the blackboard.
Students: 老师写错了,写成 “事故”了。
The teacher took advantage of the opportunity to import the word “事故” and explained the meaning to the students.
Teacher: 我们今天讲了一个故事,一个关于什么的故事?
The students answered.
Teacher: 讲了一个关于交通事故的故事。
The teacher started teaching “事故” to the students.

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