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Apprenez le chinois en Chine avec Keats School


Updates about Keats School and Recent COVID Situation

Hi! All Keats students and followers, we hope you have been doing well in 2021. How time flies! It’s already in the middle of the year. Let’s have a look at some updates about Keats School and also news about the COVID situation here in Kunming Yunnan together!

  • Keats School is still running properly and normally

Though there are limitations of parts of the after-class activities in the school and our branch locations, all of our language programs are open for registration and running normally as usual in Kunming, the headquarter.

Yunnan province is not affected by the COVID-19 situation over the Guangdong area. People are still living a normal life here and all social activities are running as usual.

All Mandarin learners are very welcome to enrol in our language course, including the Intensive One-on-one Chinese program, Small Group Chinese Class (the only session of small group class for beginners this summer, duration limited from July 4th to 31st), HSK test preparation courses, online Chinese lesson, customized Chinese program, Children Chinese program, Study + Tour program and Study + Volunteer program. These language programs are all open for application.

Especially in this coming summer vacation, we will welcome a group of students to enjoy a relaxing summer language program at the same time.

If you’re working in China currently and you’re looking for a cooler place for summer vacation, you cannot miss the chance of visiting Kunming Yunnan and study Mandarin Chinese at Keats School.

  • There is not only high-quality Chinese course but also amazing touring destinations

Kunming is the provincial capital city of Yunnan province that boasts the mildest climate in China during the summer season. By learning Chinese in Kunming, you can get rid of scorching heat and high humidity.

Countless famous touring attractions here are waiting for your exploration after completing the study plan. Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Tengchong, Puzhehei, Stone Forest, Jianshui, Yuanyang and Xishuangbanna, etc. Trips in these destinations allow you experience both amazing landscapes and various ethnic minority groups’ culture in Yunnan.

By studying Chinese at Keats School and travelling in Yunnan, you will definitely love and enjoy your time here and might be coming back again in the future.

  • New students dormitory and classroom are put into use this summer

Well equipped with private bathroom and facilities, Keats School dormitory has another 7 well-furnished student’s rooms are ready to put into service this summer! You can enjoy free high-speed WIFI in your room. Every student can enjoy one time of free room cleaning service every week.  A full set of room service is also available if required.

On the teaching floor, there are another 6 new classrooms ready to put into use for having the online Chinese lesson.

Other Keats facilities, the Keats Fitness centre, Keats time cafe, Keats Cafeteria, Keats Library and Keats Meeting room are all in good maintenance.

Keats School is always dedicated to providing the most comfortable learning environment for all Keats Students.

We’re ready to bring the best Mandarin learning experience for you. How about you?

  • Updates about the student visa application

At the moment, China is still very careful about visa issuing.

Only international employees who are required to back to China for resuming working or business can apply for a valid visa such as a working visa and business visa.  The border will not be open until most Chinese people get vaccinated. That is to say, there is a great possibility when over 1 billion of the Chinese population have vaccinated successfully (approximately equal to 2 billion doses of the vaccination), the border could reopen and international students may apply for a student visa again.

As of June 8th, 2021, China has reported a total of 80,8962,000 doses of the new coronavirus vaccine. And it is estimated that the goal of 2 billion doses of the vaccination can be completed at the end of the year. At Keats School, all of our teachers and staff have completed two doses of vaccines. We are working on helping our international students to have vaccination as well if they are willing to take the Chinese vaccine.

The earliest possible time to come to China might be early next year when the winter Olympics will be held in China.

We are excited about what we achieved in the past several months and also looking forward to the rest months of this year. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 last year, many of us have experienced a tough time, but we all survived and we got it through eventually.

Keats School will get fully ready to bring the top-quality Chinese course to our students as always do. No matter where you come from, who you are, only if you’re passionate about learning Chinese and studying Chinese culture, you will be always welcome to join the elite Mandarin community of Keats School!

We will be here for you!

During this special time that you cannot travel over to Kunming, China, why don’t you follow our social media account to receive daily short videos about Chinese learning? So that you can warm up your Chinese a little bit every day and learn interesting tips and facts about the Chinese language.

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If you want to form a regular learning routine even before travelling to China, you can also sign up for our popular Online Chinese lesson program. You can enjoy great flexibility and convenience by attending this online Chinese lesson while staying at home. All of the learning content can be customized based on your learning demand. You can lay a good language foundation before you actually have the immersive learning experience in China, which will help you smooth your transition and reduce cultural shock when you actually being here in China.




Joleen | Allemagne


Je pense que les conditions de vie sont très pratiques, car le dortoir est très proche de la salle de classe. Nos professeurs aiment vraiment enseigner le chinois. Ils sont également très passionnés. Comparé à d’autres villes de Chine, Kunming a un temps très clément.

Josephine testimonial for keats chinese school

Josephine | Indonésie


Je pense que Keats est l’une des meilleures écoles de langues que je connaisse. Mon professeur est une personne tellement incroyable. Elle est si douée pour enseigner. Elle rend les cours amusants. J’ai appris beaucoup de vocabulaire ici. Je recommanderais vraiment de venir à l’école Keats

Mike | Australie


Je pense que Kunming est une ville formidable, Le temps est super tout les jours. J’aime beaucoup l’école Keats et je l’ai trouvée très organisée. Les professeurs ici sont très bons. Ils ont un café et de nouvelles salles de classe, un lounge, afin que vous puissiez vous détendre avec vos amis ou pratiquer votre chinois  avec les autres. je vous recommande vraiment de venir étudier à Keats. Je pense que ce sera une expérience formidable pour vous.

Simon testimonial for keats chinese school

Simon | Franco-Britannique


La demande de visa était très simple, car Keats School nous aide pour cela. Keats met l’accent sur la pratique de la conversation, nous apprenons donc beaucoup de vocabulaire et conversation du quotidien, ce qui rend très pratique pour nous de faire un tour en  ville et parler avec des chinois, ce qui est tout l’intérêt de venir en Chine.

Jade | Ile Maurice


Je pense que l’environnement d’apprentissage ici est génial. Les méthodes d’enseignement sont également très interactives et amusantes. Ce que j’apprécie particulièrement ici, c’est que mon professeur ne s’en tient pas au manuel. Nous passons beaucoup de temps à discuter de sujets généraux, tels que la culture chinoise, l’actualité mondiale, les expressions typiques utilisées par la population locale. Nous discutons également de sujets sociaux et économiques.


Duwenyu testimonial for keats chinese school

Du Wenyu | Pays-Bas


Lors de ma première semaine à Keats, je n’ai pas osé prononcer un mots de chinois. J’ai découvert ensuite que mon niveau s’amélioré rapidement. Bien que j’aie de nombreuses options pour étudier en Chine, par exemple dans certaines autres écoles propose un séjour chez l’habitant, j’ai trouvé que je pouvais m’immerger et me concentrer pleinement sur l’apprentissage du chinois en restant à Keats.

Amauri testimonial for keats chinese school

Amauri | USA


Les professeurs de Keats savent évaluer les élèves. Ils connaissent le niveau des étudiants. J’apprends très lentement, mais ils ont réussi à s’adapter à moi. Ils ont rendu le cour très amusant et très excitant. Je suis ravi que non seulement j’ai appris la culture et la langue, mais que j’ai pu me faire des amis incroyables, des amis chinois et des du monde entier.

Paul | Angleterre


Tous les professeurs sont adorables. Le niveau d’enseignement à Keats est tellement plus élevé. J’adore vraiment la ville. Il est très confortable de se déplacer. Je recommande vivement Keats. C’est un endroit formidable. Nous avons hâte de revenir plus tard cette année.

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