Что происходит в Школе Китс


Хотите узнать о типичном дне в Школе Китс?

Хочешь узнать мнения студентов о Школе? Хотите узнать, как проходит настоящий урок в Школе? Какие мероприятия ВЫ можете посетить?

Посмотрите эти видео и Вы захотите у нас учиться!



Тысячи фотографий реальных условий и мероприятий. Мы благодарны всем учителям и студентам Китс за эти прекрасные воспоминания.

Смотрите наши фотографии – мы уверены, Ваше время в Китс будет незабываемым!



В блоге Китс Вы найдете всю необходимую информацию, от подготовки к поездке в Китай до эффективных методов изучения китайского. Мы предлагаем Вашему вниманию последние советы и полезные предложения по изучению китайского в Китае.



Мы предлагаем семинары по китайской культуре, DIY занятия и мастер-классы каждый вторник и четверг по вечерам. Время и тему занятий Вы можете узнать здесь. Вы приобретете самостоятельный опыт китайской культуры и быстрее овладеете язиком.



Хотите узнать, что происходит в Школе Китс? Смотрите Китс Новости!



Календарь учебного года с новостями и изменениями для планирования поездок во время учебы





Josh testimonial for keats chinese school

Josh | USA

Групповое обучение китайскому языку

I really had a wonderful experience at the school. The teachers are very very friendly. In my class, we practice speaking, listening, reading and writing. We play games and other fun activities. We have trips around town. The staff at Keats is phenomenal. My teacher is one the best teachers I have ever had in my educational experience. She comes in with smile every day.

Aliza testimonial for keats chinese school

Aliza | USA

Интенсивные индивидуальные занятия

I found Keats School and I am so glad that I did. In the school, you are fully being taken care of. My teacher is really great and we become lovely friends.

Sarah testimonial for keats chinese school

Sarah | Dubai

Интенсивные индивидуальные занятия

My teachers are all excellent. They trained the teachers so professionally. I feel like I learn very quickly with my teacher. They are very serious about their students and I know every teacher is like this. I would highly recommend that you come to Keats.

Steve testimonial for keats chinese school

Steve | UK

Групповое обучение китайскому языку

I really enjoy coming here because it is like kind of a home for me. It is a great great environment to learn Chinese and meet great people from all over the world. Every one here is extremely friendly. Kunming has a really nice climate. It is a very good mix of modern city and also a lot of historic Chinese culture. Probably got the cleanest air in China and possibly the cleanest water too. I invite you to come.

Jope testimonial for keats chinese school

Joep | Netherlands

Интенсивные индивидуальные занятия

I have been to Keats School for 4 times now. The reasons for coming back to this school is pretty much that the teachers I did work with were very good teachers. I make it a 5-year plan or even 10-year plan to come back to this school.  All the teachers have methods of looking at what your skills are. They are aware of at what level you are. I think it is worth for everyone.

Amauri testimonial for keats chinese school

Amauri | USA

Групповое обучение китайскому языку

The teachers at Keats know how to read the students. They know the level of the students. I am a slow learner, but they managed to adapt to my learning. They made the class very fun, very exciting. I am pleased that not only I got to learn the culture and the language, I got to make amazing friends, really unbelievable, Chinese friends and European friends, American friends, from all over the world.

Sanny | USA

Интенсивные индивидуальные занятия

I have to say it’s tons of fun. I have been here for 2 weeks. Not knowing what it was gonna be like, I was more than surprised it how great it is. The teachers are great, they are understanding. They do language program that suits just you. The location is perfect for China.

Rients testimonial for keats chinese school

Rients | Netherlands

Групповое обучение китайскому языку

Kunming is a great place to learn Chinese because not many Chinese on the street speak English. Keats has been a great school for me and a lot of other foreigners who studied in china recommended it to me. I think they are all right. The study method here is really structured. They make learning Chinese really easy. There are also a lot of cultural and natural places to visit.

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