Kelas/Program Bahasa Mandarin yang kami kembangkan sendiri bertujuan untuk membuat pengalaman anda belajar Bahasa Mandarin lebih efisien dan menyenangkan.
Kelas Bahasa Mandarin + Menjadi Relawan di Cina
  • Mulai Kapanpun
  • Kelas Bahasa Mandarin Intensif 1-on-1
  • Membantu Orang Lain dan Menjelajahi Kebudayaan
  • Disediakan Recommendation Letter
Kelas Bahasa Mandarin + Tur di Cina
  • Kelas Bahasa Mandarin Private 1-on-1
  • Pelayanan Full (Belajar, Makanan dan Akomodasi)
  • Perjalanan dan Tur dengan Private Guide
  • Travel ke Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la, Jianshui, Yuanyang


So, you’ve made up your mind. You’re traveling to China to study Mandarin, but there are a lot of things to consider before getting on that airplane.To answer the travel questions you have, download our FREE Consider This Checklist. This printable infographic fills you in on everything to think about before moving to China.

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Kisah Jim di Keats HSK 5 dalam Satu Tahun


Sylvia tetimonial for keats chinese school

Sylvia | USA

Kelas Intensif 1-on-1 Mandarin

One thing I really liked was that I was able to work with my teacher to make an individual plan of study. Another really nice thing is that you live at the school, you feel completely safe.  You always have a group of people who are willing to do things with you on the weekends or in the evenings. They are serving you all the 3 meals a day, the food was excellent.

Duwenyu testimonial for keats chinese school

Du Wenyu | Netherlands

Kelas Intensif 1-on-1 Mandarin

So during my first week at Keats, I didn’t dare to speak any Chinese words. I found out that my Chinese level quickly improved since then. Although I have many options to study in China, for example some other schools have homestay, I found I could immerse myself and fully focus on learning Chinese by staying at Keats.

Amauri testimonial for keats chinese school

Amauri | USA

Kelas Grup Kecil Bahasa Mandarin

The teachers at Keats know how to read the students. They know the level of the students. I am a slow learner, but they managed to adapt to my learning. They made the class very fun, very exciting. I am pleased that not only I got to learn the culture and the language, I got to make amazing friends, really unbelievable, Chinese friends and European friends, American friends, from all over the world.

Hilary testimonial for keats chinese school

Hilary | USA

Kelas Intensif 1-on-1 Mandarin

I’ve had a really great time here. I’ve studied a lot with my teacher who was fantastic. Keats School tried very hard to match its students with really good teachers that their personality works very well together. I really enjoy the school and I will definitely come back.

Jade | UK & Mauritius

Kelas Grup Kecil Bahasa Mandarin

I think the learning environment here is great. The teaching methods are also very interactive and fun. What I particularly enjoy here is the fact that my teacher does not stick to the textbook. We spend a lot of time discussing general topics, such as Chinese culture, world news, typical expressions used by local people. We also discuss social and economic topics.

Sarah testimonial for keats chinese school

Sarah | Dubai

Kelas Intensif 1-on-1 Mandarin

My teachers are all excellent. They trained the teachers so professionally. I feel like I learn very quickly with my teacher. They are very serious about their students and I know every teacher is like this. I would highly recommend that you come to Keats.

Joleen | Germany

Kelas Intensif 1-on-1 Mandarin

About studying here, I think the living condition is very convenient, because the dorm is very close to the classroom. Our teachers really enjoy teaching Chinese. They are also very passionate. Compared with other cities in China, Kunming has really good weather.

Viktor testimonial for keats chinese school

Viktor | Switzerland

Kelas Grup Kecil Bahasa Mandarin

My school is amazing. I recommend Keats School because it is a more convenient way to learn Chinese here in Kunming.

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