Good News from an Old Friend of Keats

Sun Jiangyu (Zach) is one of Keats School’s returning students. He has been taking the small group Chinese class at Keats School for more than 3 years now. He completed the small group class of advanced level last month. Jiangyu recently came to Keats to share his good news with us.

Talking about Jiangyu, everyone knows him at Keats because he has been learning Chinese at Keats for over 3 years. Three years ago, Jiangyu came to Keats to take the Intensive one-on-one Chinese program as an absolute beginner. Three years later, Jiangyu is already a 中国通 (Chinese expert) and can speak Chinese fluently. Jiangyu is able to write a great number of Chinese characters. He can also speak some Kunming dialect.

He brought us two pieces of good news. Firstly, since he has been in Kunming for over 3 years, he has become a celebrity among the foreign community. He got interviewed by a Kunming news media, mainly talking about how he would celebrate the Chinese New Year with his multi-cultural backgrounds. Secondly, Jiangyu found an awesome job because of his fluent Chinese speaking skills and living experience in China. This job requires him to work with Chinese people and communicate with them. Jiangyu told us that he was very looking forward to taking the new job. Teachers at Keats also gave him best wishes for the new job. If you are looking to improve your Chinese language skills or want to find a job in China, Keats School welcomes you to the beautiful Spring City of China, Kunming. When Jiangyu was invited to share his thoughts about learning Chinese, he answered firmly that he made the right choices: the right language that brings him so many opportunities and the right Chinese language school that helps him gain the skill in a fun and professional way. Jiangyu met many excellent Chinese teachers at Keats, who helped him speed-up his learning pace.

Lastly, Jiangyu showed his pictures of studying at Keats and living in Kunming. He also shared his secrets with other Keats students of how to achieve advanced level of Chinese. All Keats teachers are proud that we helped many students successfully reach their goals in learning Chinese, and we are excited to welcome more students to join us and let us help you achieve your goals.


Jade | UK & Mauritius

Групповое обучение китайскому языку

I think the learning environment here is great. The teaching methods are also very interactive and fun. What I particularly enjoy here is the fact that my teacher does not stick to the textbook. We spend a lot of time discussing general topics, such as Chinese culture, world news, typical expressions used by local people. We also discuss social and economic topics.

Sjoerd testimonial for keats chinese school

SJOERD | Netherlands

Групповое обучение китайскому языку

We use a lot of games to learn grammar and new words. We have really good teachers, really patient. She helps us a lot. Our class is really nice and we have people from all over the world, different countries. We often discuss topics in Chinese in our class. I live in the dorm of Keats. It is very convenient. I don’t have to spend time on traveling. You can just focus on learning Chinese.

Amauri testimonial for keats chinese school

Amauri | USA

Групповое обучение китайскому языку

The teachers at Keats know how to read the students. They know the level of the students. I am a slow learner, but they managed to adapt to my learning. They made the class very fun, very exciting. I am pleased that not only I got to learn the culture and the language, I got to make amazing friends, really unbelievable, Chinese friends and European friends, American friends, from all over the world.

Jope testimonial for keats chinese school

Joep | Netherlands

Интенсивные индивидуальные занятия

I have been to Keats School for 4 times now. The reasons for coming back to this school is pretty much that the teachers I did work with were very good teachers. I make it a 5-year plan or even 10-year plan to come back to this school.  All the teachers have methods of looking at what your skills are. They are aware of at what level you are. I think it is worth for everyone.

Aliza testimonial for keats chinese school

Aliza | USA

Интенсивные индивидуальные занятия

I found Keats School and I am so glad that I did. In the school, you are fully being taken care of. My teacher is really great and we become lovely friends.

Sully testimonial for keats chinese school

Sully | France

Групповое обучение китайскому языку

All my classmates stay together for one year and we improved so much! The teachers are all very great. They like to organize a lot of activities to help us learn Chinese.

David testimonial for keats chinese school

Pakorn | Thailand

Групповое обучение китайскому языку

Richard testimonial for keats chinese school

Richard | UK

Интенсивные индивидуальные занятия

This is my second time coming. Last year, I also came for about 12 weeks. This time I came for 13 weeks. The reason why I particularly want to come to this school was because of the one-on-one classes. I was able to increase my level and learn more quickly than group classes. If I have a chance again to come next year, I certainly will.

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