Keats is committed to bringing our students varies opportunities for a better life in China.

Keats is committed to bringing our students varies opportunities for a better life in China.

Keats Student ID

As a Keats student, you can request a student ID. With the student ID, you can receive student’s prices or discounted prices for 80% parks in China. This saves you a lot of money which you can invest in your Mandarin Chinese classes.

Internships Available

In order to create more opportunities for Keats students to have a deep insight of Chinese culture and work with Chinese people side by side,  Keats officially works with China Science and Technology Service Cooperation Center for South Asia and SouthEast Asia. If you want to do an internship while you study Chinese in China and put what you have learned in Mandarin language into practical use, we have positions such as assistant of project manager available. If you want to start your own company in China, we can also offer consultation of legal issues and office renting.

Save on Tee Times

Keats officially works with several golf courses in Kunming. If you are a Keats student and a golfer, you can have membership price for green fees in most golf courses in Kunming. Time to enjoy green, oxygen, light and friendship. This offer is exclusively for Keats students. Golf equipments like clubs will be provided for free.

Friends Program at Keats

If you want to make friends with Chinese people, you can take part in Keats Friends Program with no additional cost. You will be paired with a local Chinese, and you will become language partners. Keats has strict criterion selecting Chinese people with standard accents to join the Friends Program. You and your language partners are encouraged take part in activities outside of Keats.


Known as a “Spring City”, Kunming is home to some of the mildest and most pleasant weather of any city in China. During your time when learning Mandarin Chinese in Kunming, many exciting destinations await your discovery right here in Yunnan Province, just a short bus or train ride from Kunming. These include the mysterious Xishuangbanna, a wonder of the world; Lunan Stone Forest, the ancient kingdom capital; Dali, and the beautiful Lijiang under the snow-capped Jade Dragon Mountain, and the famous Shangri-La.


Join Keats Elite Club

Keats has set up partnership with Startup Grind Kunming, which is supported by Google. We are hoping to bring our students more insights into the entrepreneurial environment in China and cultivation of leadership in careers. Keats Elite Club aims to create social networking opportunities for the international students at Keats. You will not only learn Mandarin Chinese in China while at Keats, you will also learn from other elite students with multi-cultural backgrounds.

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Amauri testimonial for keats chinese school

Amauri | USA

Kleine groepsles Chinees

The teachers at Keats know how to read the students. They know the level of the students. I am a slow learner, but they managed to adapt to my learning. They made the class very fun, very exciting. I am pleased that not only I got to learn the culture and the language, I got to make amazing friends, really unbelievable, Chinese friends and European friends, American friends, from all over the world.

サニー | アメリカ

Intensief een-op-een Chinees



Josephine testimonial for keats chinese school

Josephine | Индонезия

Intensief een-op-een Chinees

Я думаю, что Китс – одна из лучших языковых школ, в которых я когда-либо была. Мой учитель такой замечательный человек. Она так хорошо преподает. Она делает уроки веселыми. За время, проведенное здесь, я значительно расширила свой словарный запас. Я очень рекомендую приехать в школу Китс.

Kim | UK

Intensief een-op-een Chinees

I’ve had an amazing time at Keats. I am amazed of how much I’ve learned over the last 3 weeks and I will be really sad to go. We are already planning on next trip of coming back because we had such fantastic time here. They really tailor the course to you and your individual needs.

Sarah testimonial for keats chinese school

Sarah | Dubai

Intensief een-op-een Chinees

My teachers are all excellent. They trained the teachers so professionally. I feel like I learn very quickly with my teacher. They are very serious about their students and I know every teacher is like this. I would highly recommend that you come to Keats.

Ida testimonial for keats chinese school

Ida | Italy

Kleine groepsles Chinees

I have studied at Keats for 2 semesters. I highly recommend Keats School. If you are very interested in Chinese culture, I would suggest you come to Kunming. Kunming people are very friendly. The weather in Kunming is great. So I recommend that you study at Keats in Kunming.

Ivo testimonial for keats chinese school

Ivo | Suisse

Intensief een-op-een Chinees

Ils se soucient vraiment de nos intérêts, des questions que nous posons et de nos exigences. Ensuite, ils ajustent le contenu des cours en fonction des situations. Avec les cours individuels, il est facile de rester concentré pendant 6 heures. Il est très pratique d’étudier et de vivre dans un seul bâtiment.

Hitanshu testimonial for keats chinese school

Hitanshu | UK

Intensief een-op-een Chinees

It doesn’t matter what level of Chinese you have, or even you can start from the zero level. Your teacher will prepare the lessons according to your requirements. The advantage of living in the school is that you will have your tutoring, you will have your private accommodation with your own bathroom and all the meals provided. I highly recommend everybody to actually take the whole package because you get to meet other students.

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